Zoom now defaults to a PWA on Chromebooks

Zoom for Chromebooks without many features started out with the same experience on Windows and other platforms, but has finally caught on thanks to the advent of a Progressive Web Application (PWA) last year. Now, finally, Zoom defaults to a PWA on Chromebooks.

Zoom PWA debuted on ChromeOS in 2021 as a significant upgrade over the older Chrome app. It has brought a completely new interface and features like background replacement, feedback, and more. The app had a few notable issues initially, including blank screens and greatly restricting gallery viewing, but has steadily improved in that time since.

But despite this better offering, Zoom has kept its Chrome app as the default experience when joining a meeting.

Chromebook owners who have tried to join a meeting via a link will see the page below, which prompts them to install the Zoom app from the Chrome Web Store. This app officially shut down in August this year, but the page has been in place for a while.

November 2021

As of this month, Zoom has updated the process of joining a meeting via a link by default for PWA on Chromebooks. The page now has a prominent “Start Meeting” button that navigates to the PWA, as well as a second link that allows users to “Join from your browser,” although in our brief testing this still appears to open the PWA experience.

In any case, it’s a change that we’re glad to see, as it certainly removes some of the confusion.

November 2022

The Zoom PWA recently added a new icon when you install it on your device, support for sign language translation, the ability to send files in a meeting chat, and a slew of other improvements over the past several months.

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