Zack Snyder announces Rebel Moon wrap with video set

Zack Snyder has announced a glimpse of filming wrapped for Rebel Moon with a video set that gives fans a small part of the upcoming Netflix sci-fi movie.

Zack Snyder reveals new Moon Rebel He put up a video as he announced that filming had wrapped up the netflix sci-fi movie. After transitioning entirely from the DCU, Snyder continues to create original work in a variety of genres. 2021 saw the release of his zombie movie Army of the deadand now he’s hard at work on his own epic sci-fi thriller as per the lore star Wars.

Snyder Moon Rebel It is actually something that started life as a star Wars ejaculate. But now Snyder is crafting the movie to be the start of his potential franchise, with plans already in the works for a sequel Rebel Moon 2. And a huge milestone has just been skipped in the creation of this potential new sci-fi franchise, as filming just finished on the first chapter. Snyder made fans wonderful Moon Rebel News via Vero, with a stunning portion of the video collection shared. See the clip by clicking here. Watch Snyder’s announcement post in the space below:

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Social media post by Zack Snyder with a video player showing a shot of Rebel Moon with Snyder commenting

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Zack Snyder Rebel Moon makeup test shots Exotic character design

Obviously, Snyder fans are excited to see the first real footage of… Moon Rebel. So far, Snyder has delivered only a few minor teases, giving fans a glimpse of the movie’s robot character, to be voiced by Anthony Hopkins, and a modern little look at the film’s snowy setting. There has also been some footage posted on social media of a working spaceship set being built for the movie.

Snyder, of course, also talked about Moon Rebel a story. The director recently made a brief synopsis, revealing that the film concerns a group of farmers on a distant planet who are threatened by a tyrannical evil man, who sets out to hire warriors to defend them against that threat. This story is really familiar as it is almost the plot of a classic Akira Kurosawa movie Seven samurai (And its American nature The Seven Wonders). It is, of course, fitting that Snyder draws on Kurosawa for inspiration, as he also inspired the great Japanese director George Lucas. star Warsa film that was clearly on the forefront of Snyder’s mind when he became pregnant Moon Rebel.

But when will fans finally get to see some footage from Schneider’s sci-fi epic? The director recently teased that an announcement is coming soon. This could be a trailer announcement and/or release date reveal. Netflix is ​​also known for dropping teasers soon showing many upcoming titles, and potentially Moon Rebel Screenshots will be included when the next bar places one of these previews. February is when fans might want to target it as their first chance to see some Moon Rebel footage, and last year Netflix also dropped its big 2022 preview that month.

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