YouTube Music could soon add a much-loved feature

The original intent of YouTube Music was for the app to offer the same features as Google Play Music before migrating users from the latter to the former. But before that happened, Google shut down Google Play Music. However, one well-received feature of the now-defunct Play Music app is apparently ready to make its way to YouTube Music.

Searching the latest version of the YouTube Music app, which supports the media player that will be found in the upcoming Android 13 update, 9to5Google found the following code: “res/layout/timer_status_bottom_sheet.xml” which hints that the sleep timer is coming to the YouTube app Music soon.

In Google Play Music, setting the sleep timer requires going into the main settings to set it. Hopefully, enabling this in YouTube Music will be faster. The code found reveals that the countdown timer will be visible to the user, who will have the option to add an additional five minutes to the timer or cancel. Apparently, the timer can be similar to the sleep timer in the Android version of the Apple Music app.

The sleep timer is great for when you don’t want to run your phone all night after sleeping. This can prevent the battery from running out while you sleep.

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