YouTube homepage redesign brings Material You theme, dark black theme

In recent weeks YouTube has been testing a video screen redesign, and Material You tweaks will now appear on the homepage. The video site is clearly overhauling its clients for all platforms.

Over the past day, this redesign has briefly appeared for two users on desktop and mobile web. Starting with the last platform (Safari for iPads in this case), we’ve got a bunch of different themes turning into rectangles with rounded corners instead of discs, while “Explore” now appears on the far left. This is similar to mobile as the center tab in the bottom bar is now “Shorts”.

Meanwhile, thumbnails now show rounded corners on the home page, as well as on the search and video page. We see again the pill-shaped up/down, share, save, and report buttons.

There are more changes to the home page for the desktop web. Notably, there is a true dark/AMOLED black theme instead of grey. There is a pill-shaped search field, while the topics circle has also been updated. It comes as YouTube Music for Android is also switching to this design, as the streaming service is already using a black background. Additionally, some rotors, such as the shorts, are in separate boxes with a faded gray border.

The YouTube homepage redesign is still in testing and not yet widely rolled out. It is not continuous for the people who have encountered it.

9to5Google’s Take

YouTube has historically maintained its own design language compared to other Google apps. These recent tweaks to buttons, the search field, and other user interface elements follow the latest material guidelines suggesting that YouTube may fill in the visual gaps. YouTube is clearly updating its look, and presumably it will be announced sooner rather than later if more people have already seen the redesign.

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