YouTube gets live Q&A feature

YouTube has announced the launch of a new Live Q&A feature on its platform, and this new feature is designed for content creators to interact with their subscribers while broadcasting live.

This new feature will be available to creators while streaming on YouTube, and this feature is also designed to help creators build a community.

Today we are introducing a new feature that will make live broadcasting even more Interactive – direct questions and answers!

Watch Live Q&A in action in our video on the YouTube Creators channel: Live Q&A

Live Q&A allows you to create and manage Q&A sessions in live chat during broadcasts and premieres directly from the Live Control Room (LCR). With Live Q&A, you can easily build a community while answering a series of questions that are on topic and written by viewers. This option will appear alongside Live Polls, which is another great way to interact with those watching your broadcast.

You can find out more details about the new YouTube Live Q&A feature for live streaming on their website at the link below. Content creators will be able to use existing systems to manage and answer questions they ask during a live Q&A session while broadcasting.

YouTube source, TechCrunch

Image credit: Sovik Banerjee

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