You should not uninstall “Android System”.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you tried to uninstall an Android system app on your phone? Someone on Twitter/X found out the hard way so you don't have to.

In the full list of apps on your phone, you'll usually find a menu called “Android System.” Rather than being one of the many apps included with a regular phone, this menu is actually a large part of the Android operating system itself.

Due to its importance, uninstalling an Android system app is blocked on the vast majority of devices. However, this specific protection does not appear to apply to everyone Devices, it's a fact. @Eziosystem32 It was learned in the worst possible way.

It started out as an innocent remark that his phone didn't have an “uninstall” button hidden on the Android app details page. As the conversation continued, one of the people said, He answered Based on their previous experience of pressing the same uninstall button – “It will never uninstall”.

You can probably guess what happened next, but the exact error message that was displayed is pretty funny.

The system has been destroyed.

Press the power button to turn off.

Pressing the wrong button instantly breaks your phone beyond repair. The lesson here is that if your Android phone lets you do something it probably shouldn’t — like uninstall a platform app — don’t try to see what happens if it does.

Fortunately, there are more details to this story. Xiaomi, the phone's manufacturer, It was reported that communication was made. To Eziosystem32 for more information on how this happened. Instead of a typical retail phone, this particular unit was either a prototype or a development kit. However, it seems like a major oversight to allow even an OEM developer to accidentally brick the phone.

To rectify the situation, Xiaomi has offered to replace this broken phone for free, although there are many phones that cannot be replaced. There are no Xiaomi stores. In the country of Eziosystem32.

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