You can now control the volume of your TV directly from your Xbox

Microsoft has released a software update for Xbox Series S/X consoles, which enables users to control the volume of their TV directly from their console.

The update, which is more than a year old, includes greater access to an HDMI feature called Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), which makes it possible to control other devices also connected to the console.

So, instead of reaching for the remote control when you want to turn up the volume to hear mid-game dialogue, you can achieve the same end goal with the gamepad already in your hand. The app will also control supported video apps like Netflix.

Microsoft explains in the Xbox Wire post: “You can now change the TV volume in the Sound and Music section of the Xbox Guide. To get started, press the Xbox button on your console to pull up the guide and go to the Sound and Music section, where you will see buttons to change the TV volume or mute. This eliminates the need to reach for the TV remote control to change the volume in the middle of a game or movie.”

Xbox users will also benefit from another audio-based change. They will be able to mute the startling start up every so often. After installing the update, users can go to Profile and system > Settings > General > Volume and audio output > Additional options and select Mute startup sounds.

Start Xbox-Mute-Boot-Audio

The update also includes a change in the names of the power modes to make them more in line with what you’re already doing. The standby mode is updated to sleep mode and the shutdown is “off (power saving)”

In addition to updating the firmware with some bug fixes, Microsoft is giving Xbox owners the opportunity to make the Xbox their “master” console. This is ideal if multiple people are using your console, as it gives friends and family access to your celebrities when you’re not personally logged in. Major Xbox consoles also allow gamers to play digital titles offline.

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