Xeric Scrambler Touring Automatic Watch

A one-of-a-kind watch launched on Kickstarter this month and is now nearing completion of a crowdfunding campaign that has raised over $400,000 thanks to over 600 backers. Xeric scrambler automatic watch Features a unique roaming clock”Time Machine“who-that”Turns hours and headsdesigners say.

The team has spent years developing their one-of-a-kind three-wheeled gun watch, making it affordable even as a limited edition watch. Early pledges are now available for the creative project from around $679 or £586 (According to current exchange rates)offering a massive discount of close to 43% off the retail price, while crowdfunding is underway on Kickstarter.

“The Wandering Hour (also known as Floating Hour or Chronoscope) has been on display for about four centuries and was traditionally made for kings and rulers. In 1656, the Campanos brothers built the first Wandering Hour – a night clock for Pope Alexander XII. In a comprehensive innovation, they replaced traditional hands With hour numbers on rotating discs, which perform a semicircular arc across the face of the clock.Alexander’s pendulum night clock was lit by an oil lamp so the Pope could see the time in the dark.Designs of touring clocks have taken many different shapes over the years, but the price has always been elusive. For most people.”

automatic watch

Assuming Xeric Scrambler’s crowdfunding campaign has successfully raised its coveted pledge target and the project is progressing smoothly, shipping is expected worldwide sometime in May 2023. To learn more about the Xeric Scrambler auto-watching project, check out From the promotional video below.

“To receive a Scrambler Automatic at a discount on Kickstarter, click on one of the pledge levels that says you will receive a Scrambler Automatic. Approximately 30-45 days after the campaign ends, we will send out a post-campaign survey where you will provide your shipping address and choose your color.”

For a complete list of all available special pledges, extended goals, additional modes, and detailed specifications for the automatic watch, go to the official Xeric Scrambler fundraising campaign page by visiting the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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