Xbox ‘Keystone’ streaming device has been indefinitely delayed and may never arrive

The Xbox online-only streaming device has been suspended by Microsoft, with the company saying it has chosen to release the Xbox app for Samsung TVs instead.

In a wide-ranging talk at the WSJ Tech Conference, Xbox President Phil Spencer said Microsoft will likely launch a standalone device at some point, but it’s currently “a long way off”.

The console is still in development at Microsoft, Spencer said, and will enable gamers to play games available within the Xbox Cloud Gaming library. However, it has been put on the back burner for now.

“Keystone is something we’ve been embracing internally,” he told the California audience. “It’s a streaming console. No low cost for local play, plug it into a TV and you’ll be able to stream available Xbox games.” Instead, in the late spring we did work with Samsung. We’re putting an app on Samsung TVs so you can play Xbox games.”

Spencer said Microsoft is all about giving gamers a choice about where they play, but he said there are really a lot of options. The broadcast device is already in place, as was photographed in Spencer’s office a few weeks ago. Spencer admitted that was the case and said it was just a prototype.

He added, “Giving people a choice – whether they want to play on their tablets, smart TVs, Xbox, PC – we think that’s really critical where we’re going. Are we going to make a streaming device sometime?” I think we’ll do that, but it’s still years away. I still have the prototype – it’s on the shelf behind my computer.”

Spencer also admitted that Microsoft may have to raise prices for the console and its services after the holidays, something that is sure to cause a backlash among gamers if it pays off.

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