Wordle 379: Jul 3, 2022 Hints and Answers

July presented another difficult Wordle for players to solve. Here are the daily tips and totally spoiled answer for Wordle today.

July was not an easy month for the game word And today’s answer can easily spoil a player’s long-running streak if he is not careful. Unlike more difficult words that have potential complications word Answers based on a suffix such as “ING” or “ER”, today’s answer has its own little trick for the day. As long as players understand what to expect, today’s game can be very easy and can be solved in just a few guesses. This is what makes the game so much fun, but what may seem impossible to solve one day can be followed up with a quick win in two the next, strengthening the love of word All over again.

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For players who prefer a harder challenge, word It offers a challenging mode that can be activated through the options menu before starting any game. This mode will lock in clues that were previously given and refuse to allow players to waste guesses they know will be wrong just by checking one or two letters. If a letter has been proven correct in a previous guess, the player must use it in each subsequent answer. On the other hand, if the message is proven to be incorrect, it will be blocked from selection. This will help players use a little more critical thinking when guessing an answer and should reduce the number of guesses they take each day.

Wordle Tips Today (July 3 #378)

Wordle 379 Jul 3 Hints

For those players who don’t want to get messed up right away with the day word Answer, here are some tips to help.

  • Hint 1: There is only one duplicate character in today’s answer.
  • Hint 2: this is word The word can be used to describe the color purple.
  • Hint 3Famous for its beautiful flowers, this answer can be found in many fine outdoor gardens.

Wordle’s answer today (July 3 #378)

Wordle 379 Jul 3 Attempt

Wordle’s answer today is purple.

A beautiful shrub or small tree with violet, pink or white flowers, lilacs are often grown as a decorative ornament for outdoor spaces. to our start word Today’s word we used IRATE. This put us in a good base of two vowels “I” and “A” in the wrong position and some other incorrect letters. Going to second guessing, we tried FAILS which incorrectly added an ‘L’ but didn’t help with placing any of the predefined vowels. The third word we tried was LIMAN which looks like a lake at the mouth of a river. This helped solidify the positions of all previously given incorrect letters. Finally, after a long stare, we solved it with LILAC and had a solid word Winning four.

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