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Wyze has introduced new products to its range of affordable devices in the form of new Wi-Fi 6 wireless mesh routers starting at $93.99 for the Standard Edition or $173.99 for the Standard Edition. router pro network. advance up to Wi-Fi speeds of 5.4 Gbps, with internet speeds of 2.5Gbps across more than 75 devices per router. The POro version allows you to stream 4K video, video conferencing, and game at the same time, all while powering dozens of smart devices, Wyze says. Check out the promotional video below to learn more about what you can expect from the new routers and their features.

Wi-Fi 6

The Wyze Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router Pro delivers the best features and components with class-leading performance. Internet speeds up to 2.5Gbps with the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology, access to the new uncongested 6GHz band. 75+ devices and 2000 feet A box per router for customizable coverage that puts dead spots in their graves. Plus simple setup, wired tethering, and parental controls. Wyze Mesh Router Pro is Wi-Fi at its best.”

Wireless network router

The Wyze Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router Pro unlocks ultra-fast next-generation speed for uncongested 6GHz band. That means 5400Mbps of system bandwidth and up to 1.2Gbps for a single device—faster than wired gigabit! Wi-Fi Performance Seamless, best-in-class, now and in the future, as 6GHz is increasingly becoming the band of choice for future devices. The Wyze Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router Pro is the outstanding solution to a problem as old as the Internet: inferior routers and unfamiliar service providers.”

Source: Wyze

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