Windows 11 2022 first major update rolled out

Microsoft today announced the availability of its first specialty Windows 11 update Available in more than 190 countries for users who want to update. If you are already running Windows 11 on your computer, the operating system will notify you when your system is ready for the phased application. Microsoft explainsThe scaled and tiered rollout will provide the update via Windows Update when the data shows that your device is ready, as our goal is to provide a high quality update experience.

The first major update of Windows 11

Manual update

If you are confident that your Windows 11 is ready and that you have already installed version 21H2, you can make a choice by doing so by opening the Windows Update settings located in Settings > Windows Update then select “Check for updates“.

“We will initially increase the availability of offers in the first weeks while we monitor for quality signals. If we detect that your device might have an issue, such as an app incompatibility, we may put a safeguard in place and not offer the update until the issue is resolved.”

To learn more about what you can expect from Microsoft’s first major Windows 11 update, check out our quick two-minute video below that provides an overview of what Microsoft is including in the update for Windows users to enjoy.

The past few years have brought about lasting changes in the ways we live, work and learn, with computers playing an even more important role in our daily lives. Online options that did not exist before for meetings, appointments, daily tasks and access to entertainment emerged out of necessity, but remained because of convenience and efficiency.

We formed new habits. And they are stuck. We have essentially connected the computer in more emotional ways than ever before. Our work is never done to ensure that Windows evolves and adapts to you. With our first major update to Windows 11, we’re taking the next step in our journey, focusing our innovations in four key areas to make your everyday life easier:

Source: Microsoft

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