Will Jio miss the local 5G promise, was it a marketing game

Reliance Jio has been very vocal about development Genuine 5G Solutions To take advantage of the deployment of 5G networks across the country. But on Monday, Ericsson and Nokia announced they had secured multi-year deals from Jio to roll out 5G. This means Jio’s promise of a local 5G network isn’t going to come true anytime soon. Even if Jio were to replace Nokia and Ericsson equipment in the future, it would be very costly and something the carrier might not be willing to do at all.

Jio was testing multiple use cases on the original 5G stack. But Jio’s 5G solutions may not be ready enough to roll out yet. Since Airtel has been releasing 5G, Jio won’t want to stay behind. telco made Nokia and Ericsson both of them experienced companies, apart from that, Jio didn’t have many options.

Reliance Jio’s Homegrown 5G may only be available in select regions

Perhaps Jio will use its 5G solutions in some circles or parts of the country at a later stage of deployment. Building a native 5G stack and solutions around these is no easy task. However, it is a decision by Jio in the right direction. Partnership with foreign vendors will allow Jio to roll out 5G SA (standalone) quickly and maintain an edge over its competitors. While at the same time, the carrier can continue to work on the original 5G solution and deploy it wherever possible.

Having a 100% native 5G network is something that Jio may not be able to achieve anymore. The telecom company will spend billions of dollars on equipment purchases from Nokia and Ericsson. Thus, if it was a matter of replacing this equipment, a lot of money would be wasted if Jio did it anytime soon.

Perhaps, over the next decade or two, Jio could phase out Nokia and Ericsson products from their networks and deploy their on-premises solutions. But it won’t be possible for Jio to do this in the near future, which is a big “if”.

However, there is one more thing to consider here. Once Jio is finished with the original 5G solution, it can be exported at a lower cost to other countries that need 5G SA equipment. This could mean great potential for the Indian economy and the future of the company.

Thus, while it was somewhat of a marketing play, it was also the right way to go for Jio. Trying to put India on the global map with local 5G solutions is a strong move from Jio and something every Indian should be proud of.

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