Will Daredevil & Punisher unite to wage war with the Avengers?

The Punisher and Daredevil clash with each other, but their activities have caught the attention of the Avengers.

Warning: SPOILERS for Punisher #9Immediately, reckless And The Punisher They are about to face each other in the pages of Marvel Comics, but there is a possibility that they will both have to face off The Avengers.

As the Chief of the Fist, Daredevil is on a crusade to stop the Hand, which also means he’s on a mission to stop the Punisher. Frank Castle has recently been recruited by the Ninja Assassin Cult to become their new leader. Daredevil has always kept his eye out for the Punisher and his extreme form of justice, but now that he’s in charge of an organization known for evil, Daredevil is especially nervous. He married Elektra in a strange ritual and broke several super-villains out of prison to begin an assault on the Punisher’s stronghold.

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Punisher and daredevil attract attention

The Avengers talk about the Punisher

At the same time Punisher #9 Written by Jason Aaron, Jesus Seiz, and Paul Azakita, the Punisher is already engaged in all-out war with Ares. Since becoming a member of the Hand, Ares, the God of War, has felt shunned by Frank Castle and wants his hero back. Armed with his soldiers and henchmen, Ares stormed the Hand’s stronghold. However, the Punisher now has the powers of the Beast, the deity the Hand worships, and is able to defeat Ares. This, along with all of his activities around the world, has now brought him to the attention of the Avengers, who feel the Punisher must be stopped.

One would think that the Avengers would side with Daredevil. After all, both Daredevil and the Avengers view the Punisher as a threat. However, the means they want to take to stop him are completely different. Daredevil actually went to the Punisher’s stronghold and tried to confront him, but it had no effect. In order to take a different approach, Daredevil has recruited a team of super-villains that he hopes to reform in the process.

This attack on the supervillain’s prison also caught the attention of the Avengers. They feel Daredevil has gone too far in getting the bad guys out of prison in order to fight the Punisher. Despite their opposition, the Punisher and Daredevil attempt to use and harmonize the forces of evil for good. The Punisher does it with the Hand and Daredevil does it with the supervillains. That’s one threat that The Punisher And reckless Both of them might actually force them to join forces like The Avengers Infringement of both processes.

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Punisher #9 Available now from Marvel Comics.

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