Why the iPhone 14 Pro will NEVER have an M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max inside!!

so one question i get asked often the brand new iphone 14 or specifically the 14 pro or the iphone 14 pro max will it get an m1 or an m1 pro or an m1 max put inside it well today i want to discuss if we will ever see this happen hi it’s matt here so that’s right in 2022 we’re expecting the brand new iphone 14 and we’ve also got those brand new m chipsets out there we’ve got the likes of the m1 m1 pro and the m1 max and a lot of you are wondering will this actually be put inside the iphone 14 because it makes sense they’re pro models why wouldn’t they you know the ipads you know the pro models they’ve all got the m1 chipset inside it so why cut an iphone well today i want to discuss my reasoning behind is it even

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possible to put an m1 or an m1 pro m1 max inside an iphone and then if it was going to happen what would need to happen to make this work well first of all the best way to do this is actually talk about a little bit of history behind the m1 itself now the m1 is actually just a variant of the a series that we’ve had with the likes of the iphones the ipads and even say the likes of apple tv and ipod touches back in the past so what we’ve actually had is ever since the a4 what came out with the iphone 4 we actually had apple make their own chipset for the actual kind of ipads and for the iphones and the ipod touch at that time and over time this has evolved where we’ve had dual core processors multiple chord processors we’ve even had x and z processors and chips sets out there and it’s all got always up to the likes of the a15 but when we got to the actual a14 we actually got the variant of the m1 now why this is important is because the likes of what we have right now with say the a15 and the a14 the a15 and the a14 in fact are very very similar in the amount of cores all the way going back to what we’ve had

with the a10 so when the a10 came out when it was back in say 2017 i believe what we got them is that we got a core setup where we actually had inside four efficiency cores and we also got two performance cores and the iphone manages these cores however it wishes or to be deadly honest a lot of developers can actually ask the iphone to use certain cores using metal for example going right down to the core level so for apps out there for example the likes of whatsapp imessage instagram facebook you probably will never ever touch those performance calls even when you’re streaming on netflix or youtube so if you’re watching this right now on your iphone right now and you’ve got say an iphone 10 or an iphone 8 and beyond you’re probably actually using the efficiency course right now inside your iphone the performance cords are not even being touched however if you decide to say boot up call of duty or let’s say you decide to boot up another 3d really

hard kind of application out there then basically yeah those two performance cores kick into gear and boy if you play call of duty on your phone you will know straight away that your battery life just goes down super super quick and the main reason is it’s screaming out these performance cores and your battery inside the likes of your iphone just can’t keep up with it you constantly got to put yourself a power bank in or keep it on charge while you’re playing it on it if you want to play for say more than say an hour and a half to two hours on a game like that it really really stresses out those performance cores now to go along with that you’ve also got the gpu cores now inside a15 you’ve actually got four gpu cores unless you actually have yourself an iphone 13 pro or 13 pro max and then actually you’ve got five gpu cores inside it but let’s just stick with those

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four gpu cores for the moment if we compare that to the m1 chipset what you actually get is you get those four efficiency cores yep and they’re clocked at a higher speed as well compared to what you get with the a15 or even the a4 team with that m1 but you also get four performance cores and you guessed it again they’re clocked higher as well compared to a14 and a15 and then for gpu cores you get double the amount you get eight gpu cores so straight away there is far more cores inside m1 and they’re all clocked higher than what you get in the likes of a14 and a15 so straight away you can imagine there is a massive power pole compared to the likes of the actual a14 and the a15 how much for a power draw well i’ve actually

got a table and let me show you so looking at this table right here we have the likes of the a15 the m1 the m1 pro and the m1 max now what i will just quickly say is this chart shows these cpus under stress so basically this is where you’re doing like hardcore benchmarking and how much power they draw when they’re doing that so let’s first of all start with the a15 so you can see here the a15 it only uses seven watts compared to the m1 when it’s under stress it actually uses 40 watts and then the m1 pro uses 70 and then the m1 max now remember the m1 max has got a setup of actual 10 cpu cores and it can have up to 32 gpu cores inside it so that is a real real complete different extreme to your full efficiency cores and your two

performance scores and your four gpu cores inside the likes of an a15 so it really really pulls in power and also at the same time as well that they are clocked way way higher than what you get in the likes of the a15 so you can see looking at this chart straight away if we were to put the likes on m1 max inside the likes of an iphone 13 pro max you can probably imagine the battery would die really really quickly so you’re probably asking well why then does the likes of say an ipad have for example have an m1 chipset inside it well the main reason is is because of the actual sizes of these batteries so right now the largest iphone out there the iphone 13 pro max its battery size is 4352 milliamp battery compared to the 12.9 inch ipad pro what actually has a battery size of 10 758 milliamps that’s like about 150 percent larger battery almost it is absolutely huge

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compared to the likes of what you get with the iphone 13 pro max obviously i know it’s not exactly 150 it’s between 100 and 150 i can’t do the exact math so i can’t be bothered to work out but it’s bigger you get the idea it is way way bigger but then like i said it’s the way how the ipad handles that chipset and the likes of how the iphone handles its own chipset like i said again if you were on your ipad and for example if you were watching youtube videos like this you would probably just only use the efficiency cause and your battery life would last for ages if that a lot of you guys out there probably have noticed if you’ve ever been on the train for example and you start watching something on your phone or you start watching on your ipad you will know that your ipad will last longer because it’s using those efficiency cores yes they draw a bit more power compared to the likes of say the iphone 13 pro max if you’ve got an m1 chip in it but generally it will just last longer but on

the ipad and like on the macbook pros with the m1 and the m1 pro and the m1 max they’re designed to actually use far more power that’s why they’ve got those more cores inside it and they’re clocked much more higher they’re designed for final cut pro they’re designed for photoshop they’re designed for those hardcore apps a 16 inch and 14 inch macbook pro you know even though it can go on youtube and yes it can go on facebook and it can do all those kind of things it’s not really designed for that the m1 chipset is designed for that and if you did need to do a bit of final cut pro or bit of photoshop it is more than capable of doing that for you this is why that chipset exists in the likes of a macbook air and also the 13-inch macbook pro because really it’s a good rounder cpu with good battery life so will we ever see the likes of an m1 or m1 pro or m1 max

inside an iphone and is it even possible well let me tell you the answer to that but just before i do that let me tell you about today’s giveaway on this channel so right now on this channel we’re doing a giveaway for this it’s for an iphone 13 pro max it’s a silver white one and a 256 gigabyte model as well and it’s got an a15 chipset inside what we’ve been talking about now i’m going to be giving this away to one lucky subscriber on an international giveaway when we get over 350 000 subscribers and all i want to know from you guys in the comments below is tell me what apple gear you’re planning to buy in 2022 or what technology gear you’re planning to buy in 2022 write it down in the comments below and also if you’re new here make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit that notification bell because when we get over 350 000 subscribers i’m going to be announcing the winner via video on here and you’ll want to get that notification to find out if you’re going to be that lucky person to get your hands on this iphone 13 pro max now quickly i just want to say this there are some

scammers there are some spammers out there and they’re impersonating me impersonating other people and telling you you’ve won a prize what’s at me direct message me this is not me at all so if you get these messages ignore them completely i’ll be announcing like i said the winner when we get over 350 000 subscribers via a video on this actual channel well with that out the way let me explain to you the reasons why that we probably could see an m1 chipset well if we did get an m1 chipset put inside an iphone what would need to happen well first of all i can tell you this right now if we were going to get a actual m1 on m1 pro or m1 max chipset put inside an iphone the first thing is your iphone right now and how thick it is where it’s around about this thick it would grow to about this thick the main reason behind this it would need a mega battery inside it like i said and like we’ve talked about that mega draw on power is so so big so basically you’d need a massive battery

inside the lights of an iphone you’d have to go back to 90s kind of phones or even possibly bigger than that to basically power this device because at the end of the day if you were to put an m1 max inside the likes of an iphone and even if it could possibly fit what i’ll talk about in a second the battery would drain probably within probably about half an hour to an hour maybe a bit longer than that probably about two hours if you were doing kind of performance tests on it it would just kill it instantly it’s just not designed for it and that’s the other thing i want to talk about is the actual size of the chipset if you look at the a15 chipset here inside an iphone and now compare the m1 chipset inside the 13 inch macbook pro you can see there’s quite a bit of difference in size then have a look at this m1 pro you can see the size of that and then look at the m1 max inside this macbook pro it’s huge it would basically take up about three quarters or half the size of the actual insides of the iphone it’s just not designed for it so again i don’t think apple would be doing this anytime soon unless they stack the

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battery underneath the actual processor so you’d have a really really thick phone and it’d probably be wider as well so yeah it’d be really really unusual the other thing as well is you’d have to have an iphone probably with a fan inside it if you were to have an m1 pro or an m1 max right now with the macbook pros we have to have a fan to keep that cpu cool because it can get quite hot with the amount of cores actually inside it so yeah it’d be pretty crazy otherwise you’d be walking around with like a boiling hot kind of brick in your bag or in your hand or can’t fit in your pocket because the battery’s so big and probably that battery would probably also explode probably because of how hot the actual chipset is getting so i don’t think apple want this so based on all of this what we can take away from this video no an m1 or an m1 pro on m1 max is not ever going to be put inside the likes of an iphone it’s not going to be possible it is too big and yes too powerful now one thing

that people say is well why don’t they take away a couple of cores or lower down the power of the clock speed well yeah you could do that but then basically you’re turning yourself back to an a15 chip that’s what like an a15 a14 chip is it’s a lower clock speed m1 and with less cores basically it’s the same architect but far lower so i don’t think that’s going to be possible either so yeah there wouldn’t really be much point in putting that inside it i think what we’re going to say is for now definitely that the iphone is going to be sticking with the a route so the next chipset will be an a16 and definitely the next macbook pros will have a kind of an m2 or m2 variant like an m2 pro m2 max inside it well guys it’s time to wrap up this video so if you have enjoyed watching it please do press the like button and also at the same time as well if you want to hear the latest apple news reviews and comparisons make sure you hit that subscribe button and also hit that notification bell until next time guys i’ll see you really soon bye you

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