Why RHONJ Fans Don’t Blame Luis For Teresa Giudice’s Fallout

Fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey don’t think Luis Ruelas is the reason Joe and Melissa Gorga skipped their wedding to Teresa Giudice.

Amid news of Teresa Giudice’s fallout with Joe and Melissa Gorga, The Real Housewives of New Jersey Fans don’t think Luis Ruelas is to blame. Teresa and Louis tied the knot last weekend in a lavish wedding attended by family and friends. When it came to Teresa’s family, only her four daughters were in the audience. Teresa’s only brother was notably absent with his wife and three children. The move appears to be the final dig in Theresa’s years-long feud with the Gorgas.

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There were reports before the wedding about family tension. Joe and Melissa skipped heating Teresa and Louis’ house in June. Fans were speculating what went wrong. But given the long family drama that took place in season 12, it was only a matter of time before the feud flared up. Joe broke into the set for the Season 12 reunion after Teresa called him “bit*h boy. Teresa and Melissa also admitted not spending much time together outside of filming.

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Joe and Melissa haven’t had anything nice to say since Fallout Season 12. That might explain why they skipped watching Teresa and Louis walk down the aisle. Reddit user u/PMmeUrGroceryList responded to the family drama and blamed Lewis for “isolation“Theresa”From all her family and true friends.The Redditor explained why Louis was suspected of pushing Teresa to spread rumors that Joe and Melissa were absent from the wedding. But other fans disagree. Given how long Teresa has been with her brother and sister-Lau, the underlying tension was already there before long. From Lewis entry into the photo. The fan noticed that a member of Teresa’s family missed the wedding, and said, “This family member has been a problem for a long time before Louis came along. These problems long before Louis. “

Lewis was also a target in Season 12. Everyone wondered about his past and speculated about his intentions with Teresa. One Redditor Lewis praised it for its presence.”The cast endured coming for him all last season, then he invited them all to their wedding and kindly spoke to them. “When it comes to who is to blame for the ongoing drama, the fan thinks Lewis is there.”Below the list of people to blame. Since season three, Teresa and Joe have struggled to get along. It’s possible that sibling rivalry preceded the show they continued their feud. Melissa joined rung He speaks obscenely to Teresa while giving her version of what went wrong. Over the years, the family enjoyed brief moments of truce before returning to their feud.

Lewis wasn’t even on Teresa’s mind when all of this happened, so fans find it hard to blame him for the stress. Elsewhere, Teresa’s old friend Dina Cantine, missed the wedding. But many believe it was because the wedding was filmed for a private show and Dina avoided going back to it The Real Housewives of New Jersey Since her exit from Season 6. Drama has always followed Teresa. If anything, Lewis knew what he was getting into when he signed on to marry the OG Housewife. Louis must get used to the drama because Teresa and Joe can’t leave each other no matter how crazy they are.

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