Why Noah no longer lives in the family home

Alaska Bush People fans have learned that Noah Brown is not currently living in the famous family home. He explains why he had to move.

Alaskan bush people Fans have learned that Noah Brown no longer lives in the family home with his wife and young son. Instead, Noah joined a few other siblings. His relatives also decided to leave their mountain home for comfortable accommodations.

Fans may remember that in August 2020, the entire family was forced to come down the mountain at the end of the season, because the Alpine retreat was burning. The wildfire made national news, as Okanogan County, Washington, burned for days. Sadly, in February, Billy Brown passed away at the age of 68, after suffering a seizure. The wolf pack is sad, but proud of its patriarch Billy by sharing memories, talking about how he pursued his dream, and made his love of nature a joy to everyone around him.

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Why did Noah leave his home?

Noah decided to explain to his Instagram followers why he was no longer living in Browntown, as his father had hoped all of his children would. He took to his account, posting a longer comment than fans are used to seeing. He wanted to set the record straight. According to the reality star, he and his wife Rhain moved on because of the hardships they experienced after the wildfire, and not because of issues with the family. Noah made it clear that the move had nothing to do with the drama between him and him Alaskan bush people siblings, but added that they lost almost all of their possessions during the Palmer Mountain wildfire. So they decided to start renting a house.

The 28-year-old shared a photo of trees around his old fireplace, and wrote that he’s going to set the record straight, so fans will stop speculating. One’s father reveals that Mountain Ranch and North Star Ranch will always be their home; However, they had to leave for a bit. He wrote under the photo he posted, “Ryan and I personally lost everything in the Mount Palmer wildfires; so we are renting a house so we can rebuild what we lost.” The couple thanked their followers for their prayers and well wishes during the difficult times. Although the couple is usually quiet on social media, the Alaskan bush people The stars announced that they are expecting their second child on the platform, and welcomed Adam in October 2021. They already have a three-year-old son named Elijah.

The entire Brown family has dealt with a lot of drama over the past year. Matt Brown revealed that his parents got him addicted to cocaine with the help of the production, and also shared that the show was a farce. Meanwhile, Bear Brown has broken up again with Raiven Adams, after a whirlwind and turbulent relationship. Naturally, Alaskan bush people Fans kept up with the drama until Season 14.

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