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Ago Welcome to Plathville Finally, Moriah Plath has been posting less on Instagram, and many fans think she should take an official break on social media. Moriah rebelled against her strict parents by getting an IG account a few years ago, and she’s been posting regularly ever since. While fans love seeing her life updates, especially now that she has an adorable pup, there are some critics who think she should give her IG activity a rest.

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Moria has been through a lot between them Welcome to Plathville Seasons 3 and 4, during which she moved to Tampa and had a difficult breakup with Max Calschmidt. She focused all her energy on her music career, and released two new singles, with mixed reviews from listeners. many Plathville Fans have called Moriah lazy this season, as she’s not working, and won’t help with any of the chores now that she’s living with Olivia and Ethan Plath.

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Moriah is known for her shocking posts on social media. First, she surprised fans by placing a tattoo on her wrist, and soon after that, she dyed her hair a light purple. Since those initial posts, Moriah has outdone herself by getting bigger tattoos, and more extreme changes to hair dye. She’s gone blonde, pink, half blonde, half black, and now platinum blonde. Moriah has also divided fans with her super fashion and makeup looks. She has received a lot of hateful comments on her Instagram, and many fans think it would be good for her if she stopped posting.

Moriah is raising a new puppy that she’s named Black Jack (his middle name is Rebel), and she’s apparently stocky with dogs. She also pursued a new passion for dancing. I’ve posted videos of my progress and fans want to join in Dancing with the stars. Welcome to Plathville Fans love seeing Moriah’s bold new look and her Instagram travels, but think she should take a break from social media if it becomes more than just a fun activity.

Moriah hasn’t posted a photo on Instagram in two weeks, since an unexpected joint statement said the Plath family would stay together. Welcome to Plathville Fans were puzzled, wondering if this statement was directed at the show’s producers, Olivia, or both. Fan criticism is no stranger to the Plath family, but with Kim and Barry Plath divorcing, the family is in a shaky position. Ethan, Lydia, and Isaac Plath don’t post frequently, so they take breaks from the platform without followers noticing much. As Moriah spreads the most out of her family, a social media outage may improve her mental health.

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