Why is Merry Brown’s sister-in-law angry at Cody for not fighting for her

Meri Brown vents her frustrations with Kody Brown on the new season of Sister Wives, claiming he should have fought for her more.

Although Meri Brown has been in a feud with Kody Brown for years, sister wives Fans’ hearts were broken when one’s mom shared that she wished the patriarch had fought harder for their relationship. Merry is dragged through the mud after a cheating scandal and a catfish by Cody. He pushed her to the side for years because she tried to hang on to their relationship.

During the last episode of sister wivesMeri, whose zodiac fits Capricorn, revealed some home truths about her place with Cody. During a very telling conversation, Merry made it clear that Cody didn’t “adequate care” To fight for her or for Kristen Brown, telling the father of 18, “I do not understand that.” Meri has been with Cody the longest, as they married in 1990, but their romance has always been on rocky ground. Meri shared with viewers that she’s been in the same place with Cody for the past few years, which many would call marital oblivion. Merry recalled a telling moment when she spoke that she knew what she needed and wasn’t getting it from Cody.

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Kody Brown has a great track record with his sister-in-law

Cody's sister-in-law Beni sits on a cropped porch

Merry went on to tell us that Cody, who lives in a delusional world, was very far away, and when she asked him for some space, he interpreted this request as Merry kicking him out, stating, “Never came back.” Meri and Kristen had very similar situations with Cody, except Kristen chose to leave the toxic relationship. Cody’s backed Merry story’s third wife, reports that the patriarch hasn’t kept any of his belongings there for years and refuses to stay with her. Instead, he has all his things at Robyn Brown’s house, where he feels most comfortable.

Although Kristen and Cody’s breakup has brought Merry and Robyn closer together, Cody is still a work in progress. However, Cody shared that the betrayal he once felt towards Meri had lifted and hinted at a possible reconciliation with his first wife. Merry and Cody, who might break up again, work on a level of friendship, and Merry still holds out hope that the two will one day be able to rekindle their romance. Robyn Merry has already pleaded not to give up and help her rebuild her polyamorous family.

Merry kept to herself most days and enjoyed solo road trips to meet some new friends. Cody has yet to go on any vacation with someone’s mom and hasn’t actually checked in to Meri since COVID-19 began. Merry was driving back and forth between Arizona and her bed and breakfast, Lazy’s Heritage Inn. sister wives Fans were angry with Cody when he did not comfort Meri after her mother’s death. Hopefully, the two can get back on track, or Meri could be next.

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