Why did the Mary Poppins author hate the Disney movie so much

despite of Mary Poppins He is a Disney classic, the original author of the book based on his dislike of the Disney movie. P.L. Travers wrote a book about the fictional nanny who saved the Banks family in 1934, and it was eventually made into a Disney movie in 1964, however, the adaptation required a lot more work than many films where it was difficult to get Travers into Sign the rights to the book.

Most authors will be excited to have a company like Disney adapt their work to the big screen, even if it doesn’t match their book. But Travers didn’t share the same sentiment, frustrated by the child-friendly guidance that the Sherman brothers, Richard and Robert, along with writer Don Dagrady, wanted to shoot the film. Her biggest complaint was that the movie version of Mary Poppins was too cute. The mixing of animation and live action and the addition of musical elements to the film was also a particularly sore point for Travers. Composer Richard Sherman recently revealed “I hated everything ,‘He says, recalling her insistence not to make up words, like Burt’s rhyme to clean the chimney.responsive” with “policeman.“”She said, “Cancel it.” God killed us.(via Variety)

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Why did the author of Mary Poppins agree to make a Disney movie?

Despite all this, Travers eventually signed off on the rights and the classic was a hit. Walt Disney spent nearly 20 years trying to get Travers to sign the rights so the film could be made, a problem he wasn’t used to having. But Disney knew the movie would be a hit, and even produced the successful sequel Mary Poppins is back After 54 years. Disney was also intent on making the movie because his daughter fell in love with the book, and he promised her he would turn it into a movie. Although it took two decades, Disney was able to deliver on his promise when Travers finally relented. Like any author facing financial problems today, the book did not do well and Travers needed the money Disney could provide, so she reluctantly agreed to let the film be produced.

How Disney’s Hate PL Travers affected the movie franchise

Mary Poppins Become something of a franchise with Mary Poppins is back and the 2013 movie Saving Mr.Banks. There are even rumors about it Mary Poppins 3 It could be in the works. While it’s not an official Mary Poppins story, Saving Mr. Banks It is based on Travers’ battles with Disney and the final decision to produce the film. but, Saving Mr. Banks It only depends on the real story and some details. Most notably, the film ends with Travers crying at the film’s premiere out of relief and happiness that her story has done justice. In fact, Travers was so upset with the final film that she refused to do any further work with Disney and even included a clause in her will that none of her works should ever be adapted again.

Travers’ wishes were technically honored, as the sequel was an original screenplay, though Mary Poppins is back Inspired by books. Travers defended a bit of Disney a few years before her death, rocking back and forth with Roy Disney in a potential sequel. But when she was as demanding as ever (by not allowing Mary Poppins to wear red, for example), Roy eventually stopped the sequel. If PL Travers were alive today, it would be reasonable to assume that she would not be satisfied with the next two films featuring her beloved character. Mary Poppins.

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