Why did Kim’s dance studio turn into a clothing store?

Kim Plath’s dance studio was a major part of Welcome to Plathville season 4, and fans have reason to believe that it’s now a clothing store.

Kim Plath has had a lot going for her since then Welcome to Platheville Season 4 has aired, and fans suspect that the final change is that her dance studio has become a clothing store. Barry Plath’s use of money to help Kim start her dance business was a big storyline from the show’s final season, and many fans were shocked to see it disappear. Although Barry’s grand gesture couldn’t save their marriage, it became a place for Kim to express herself outside of being a mother and wife.

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Kim’s studio, called Grady Central, is located in the small town of Cairo, Georgia. U/Flossy1384 started a Reddit thread on the matter saying, “I live in Cairo and in the past few weeks I’ve noticed newspaper covering the windows of Kim’s studio“There is now”New clothing store in its place. “The place where Grady Central used to stand is now his elegant clothes, many clothes Welcome to Platheville Fans were surprised, given that the work had just begun.

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Kim Plath’s studio is gone

Kim Plath Welcome to Plathville at the Ballet Bar wearing a blue shirt

Fans watched as Kim and her family put the entire studio together, so she could teach all her dance lessons to a larger audience. She even hosted town get-togethers in the studio, but some Welcome to Platheville Fans think that everything was just for the sake of the story. One Reddit user asked,The dance studio was already openAnd another askedDid she ever run one real class there?Fans loved the moment Kim’s daughters asked if she started that dance studio, so she could start making her own money away from Barry, and fans started asking the same thing.

Another Georgia native confirmed on Reddit that Kim and Barry still own the building from state property records, so it’s possible she’s starting the clothing store as her latest business venture. Kim’s Airbnb where she hosted her daughter Moriah Plath for a pedicure and some deep talks are still available for rent above the clothing store now. Platheville Fans might be in for a shock if Kim decided to change her dance class business into a formal clothing store, but crazier things definitely happened on the show.

Kim went through many hardships Welcome to Platheville, starting with her decision to divorce Barry. Many fans turned on her for her treatment of Barry over the course of the season, but that was only the beginning of her troubles. Kim was recently arrested for drink driving, which came as a shock given her aversion to any amount of alcohol in the show’s first few seasons. Closing her business about a year after opening is another hurdle for Kim W Welcome to Platheville Fans are eager to see them all in the next season of the hit series.

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