Why Crystal Reed Is Back In Teen Wolf Season 5 (But Not Like Allison’s)

After leaving Teen Wolf in Season 3, Crystal Reed’s decision to guest star Allison in Season 5, and not Alison, was deliberate.

In the first three seasons of MTV’s Teen WolfCrystal Reed played Allison Argent, Tyler Posey’s first love Scott McCall, but when she returned in Teen Wolf Season 5, it’s a different character. Scott was an ordinary high school student who accidentally turned into a werewolf and began protecting his hometown of Beacon Hills from supernatural threats. However, Allison comes from a long line of werewolf hunters and struggles between her duty to her family and her love for Scott. The couple eventually broke up, but they did not stop caring for each other. Their love story ended at the end of season 3 with Alison Teen Wolf Death is in Scott’s arms after she sacrifices herself to Unnie to save him and their friends.

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While the death of the beloved main character was horrific, the farewell was prompted by Red’s desire to leave the show to pursue other projects. Then the actress returned to Teen Wolf Season 5 as a guest star, but not as a revival of Allison. Instead, she played Allison’s grandfather and the first hunter of the Argentine family, Mary Jane Valette, who defeated the Givaudan monster in the 18th century. At the time she was offered the guest role, Reid (via BuzzFeed News) that she was not ready to play Alison again saying, “Alison had such an amazing end to her life, I feel that bringing it back in any way would taint that beautiful story. On the other hand, he took the role of Mary Jane before Teen Wolf Canceled in season seven was a way to continue honoring her character for three seasons and show her gratitude to fans.

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Why did Crystal Reed finally decide to return to Teen Wolf Season 5

When Executive Producer Jeff Davis concluded describing Mary Jane with “”This is where the arguments begin“That was the deciding factor for Reid.”my heart sankShe said. “[A] That was the big sticking point [Allison] He did not have a funeral. Closing the casket is almost the end of her story and I wanted to be able to give that to the fans. “While not Alison Teen Wolf A comeback that fans would have loved, Reed made sure to include nostalgic similarities as well, including how Mary Jane handles her crossbow, the way she walks, and Allison-like gestures.

Besides preserving Allison’s memory, there has been a generational link that her ancestor was the one who fought the monster that Allison’s love was fighting in the present. This was another reason for Reid to accept, although Davis offered her the role without a script. Said Reed (via EW), “[I]I totally understood why I should do it and what he’s trying to do and how nice it was to tie it all together. “

Playing Mary Jane allowed Alison to come back to be even better

For those who aren’t satisfied with Red’s one-episode mission, her character Alison will be back Teen Wolf: The Movie. In hindsight, the decision not to return Allison in her remastered form while the series airs was a good idea as it sparked anticipation for her appearance in Paramount+. The released trailers suggest that Allison is the villain, which raises a number of questions because she died a noble heroine. In the clip released at New York Comic Con, Alison pursues Derek with a knife and a bow. It’s a shocking revelation for longtime fans of the show. We hope that the public will get answers to these questions when the file is Teen Wolf The movie hits theaters.

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