Why call out Farrah fans who don’t like her plastic surgery

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham is answering the trolls and haters online who don’t like her new look, and the reality icon isn’t holding back.

teen Mom Viewers have never been one to hold back their opinions on Farrah Abraham’s ever-changing look, but the star does hold back. As one of MTV’s most controversial celebrities, Farrah has built quite a reputation for herself. Fans have watched her grow up over the years, but still worry about most of her life choices.

Farah recently posted a photo on her Instagram, which showed her driver’s license from when she was 16 years old, as well as her current one. teen Mom Viewers couldn’t help but notice the huge difference in her face. The social media post was supposed to be about Farah’s struggle with ptosis, a condition that leads to drooping eyelids. However, fans couldn’t get past her facial changes. One follower noted that Farrah was, “So pretty back in the day. I’ve done so much more now.” Another fan wrote what many people thought too, saying Farrah took it, “Surgeries and fillers are very far away.”

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Farah responded to the haters

Farah Ibrahim and his teenage daughter, Umi, smile together

The mother of one slammed her followers, via Monsters and Critics, as she shared the comments on her Instagram Story. Farrah obviously felt the trolls’ remarks were “The dumbest attack on the Internet that I dealt with it. In her sermon, Farah told fans that they need to focus on themselves, and stay away from the internet while they organize their lives. Although she was trying to give advice, many argued that she needed to take a good, hard look in the mirror, perhaps taking her own advice.

Farah has not had an easy time since leaving teen Mom franchise. Recently, Farrah was called out for using her daughter in online promotion to help her earn money. Farah also worried fans, who accused her of changing the color of her skin. The former MTV star shared a selfie that showed off her tanned skin, which had a deep, dark complexion. Many followers felt that she was trying to change her ethnicity, while others thought she was going for a more Kardashian look.

The Nebraska native has had a difficult life, as she is often shown arguing with her mother, Debra Danielson. MTV removed her from the show in 2017, for her participation in an adult video. since he was fired, teen Mom He has participated in a few other reality shows and has even written a book. Love her or hate her, it just doesn’t look like Farrah is going to go very far, and she will inevitably create more problems that fans will complain about.

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