Where to find (and catch) a Wiplump in TemTem

While exploring the Airborne Archipelago in TemTemTamers may encounter the adorable Triceratops-like Wiplump, a water-and-wind-type TemTem that serves as the evolved form of Fomu. This creature can be recognized with its dinosaur-shaped body, delicate wings and a rhino horn protruding from its head. Wiplump’s standard skin color is bright turquoise blue, but his shape is a rare Luma monster TemTem Features a rich shade of pink like a strawberry milkshake.

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In terms of stats, Wiplump lacks decent ATK and DEF, which makes it rather weak when using normal attacks in combat. On the other hand, this TemTem has exceptionally high SPATK and SPDEF, which makes it a combative choice for using its own technologies. Furthermore, her third highest base is stamina, which provides her with more energy to perform her unique moves in battle. Therefore, it would be better to use Wiplump against a low SPDEF opponent in TemTem.

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However, before considering opponent TemTem’s stats, Tamers should have a good understanding of Wiplump’s strengths and weaknesses. This triceratops-style monster is an excellent match against the Earth-type tee, as it can deal more damage to the type and resist attacks. Wiplump is also a good antidote against wind, water and fire hostile enemies in TemTem. However, tamers must be very careful not to place this Wiplump against the nature, electrical, or toxic of the TemTem type. Electric, in particular, is capable of inflicting x4 damage to a Wiplump in combat.

Catching a Wiplump in TemTem

Thanks to the information provided by next section And the TimTem Wikitamers can see where to find Wiplump TemTemincluding opportunities to meet Tim:

Island region scarcity
Denise Silaru River 5% – 85%
Thalassian Cliffs 5% – 85%
Aguamarina Caves 5% – 85%
Tokma kakama cenote 40%
Sepanko Rice fields 35%
higher? 20%

As tamers can see from the table above, the best place to look for a Wiplump is Thalassian Cliffs, Sillaro River, or Aguamarina Caves on Deniz Island. They also breed in this area starting at level 14, making it easy to reach TemTem to pick up lower level tamers. Suppose players are still unable to encounter Wiplump during their journeys through a disguised world TemTem. In this case, they can instead choose to find Tem’s underdeveloped model, Fomu. According to SegmentNext, Fomu is a common spawn in the Sillaro River, Gifted Bridges, Windward Fort, and Aguamarina Caves. After catching Fomu, Tamers can upgrade him to a Wiplump by increasing his levels by 20 inches TemTem.

Source: SegmentNext | TimTem Wiki

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