Where to buy Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs

13th Gen Intel processors are here and you probably want one, so here you can get it.

The new Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs are now official and set to launch on October 20. And that’s not long to wait between detection and being able to get one. Like all hot new technologies, there is sure to be little demand for new CPUs at launch.

Fortunately, there will be many places where you can buy. Even better, some retailers already allow you to pre-order 13G chips. So if you ever want to, you can get your order now.

Where to buy Intel 13th Gen in US and Canada

Intel Core i9-13900 K

In the US and Canada, the largest selection is now available through Newegg. Five of the initial six SKUs are ready for pre-order, with only the Core i9-13900KF not yet available. Prices are a little higher than Intel’s recommended prices, but Newegg’s low price guarantee will ensure that any pre-launch price drop is respected. Click on the links below to pre-order now.

Newegg also has pre-orders for a bunch of new Z790 motherboards that were announced along with the new CPUs if you’re going to need one as well.

There are also pre-orders to be made on all six devices at B&H, including the Core i9-13900KF. Click on the links below for your B&H pre-orders.

Retailers like Amazon and Best Buy don’t seem to be taking pre-orders for the new 13th-generation CPUs just yet. But it’s basically guaranteed that you’ll be able to buy at least some of the new collection from both of these stores. We will update with the links as they come online.

Where to buy Intel 13th Gen in Europe

Intel Core i5-13600K

In Europe, you can expect Amazon to sell its new 13th generation CPUs in various countries across the continent. As in the US, pre-orders do not appear to be valid at this time, but based on previous generations, it is recognized that they will be available.

Smaller, more specialized retailers would be a good place to look. Retailers such as Overclockers and eBuyer in the UK, or CaseKing in Germany, for example. Local prices will almost certainly differ from those in the US In the UK, for example, you’re looking at around £700 for an Intel Core i9-13900K processor and £30 less for the KF variant. This £30 difference applies across Core i7, Core i5 K and KF versions as well.

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