WhatsApp is developing a security feature related to login approval

WhatsApp includes a new security feature that will enable users to protect their accounts from potential scammers. The functionality is currently in development and referred to as login credential, according to the feature tracker. The two-step verification functionality currently offered by the instant messaging platform will be enhanced by this. With this function, WhatsApp users can receive notifications when someone logs in from a different smartphone. According to recent reports, WhatsApp is planning to enable the visibility of former group members on iOS.

WhatsApp is currently being rolled out by the Meta-owned instant messaging service, according to a report by WABetaInfo. The Login Consent security feature has been identified by the Feature Tracker as a possibility for a future update. It is currently under development. The Commons Login Approval function will notify users through the app whenever another user attempts to login to their account from a separate smartphone. According to reports, the user will not be able to log in until permission is granted from the device they are already logged in to. This feature is claimed to have reduced the chance of user account and information being stolen.

Two-step verification is already available on WhatsApp. Users can also be protected with the login approval function if they inadvertently reveal the six-digit security code. The notification also shows the date and time of the login attempt, as well as details about the phone, according to purported screenshots released by the WhatsApp feature tracker. In a beta version of its iOS client, WhatsApp is reportedly preparing to introduce the ability to view former group members. A small group of beta testers allegedly received the aforementioned upgrade. Also, the feature may be rolled out more broadly to more beta testers in the coming weeks.

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