What is the Google Guided Frame feature?

The Google Pixel 7 event brought a lot of new hardware and software to the public, including the new Guided Frame feature.

Google announced a lot of new technology at its recent Pixel event, announcing the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and the company’s first wearable Pixel watch.

But it also announced a lot of new software features for its latest technology, including Guided Frame. If you want to know what a router is and what it can do, be sure to keep reading.

What is the advantage of a guideline?

The new Guided Frame is an accessibility feature that aims to help the visually impaired and blind to take selfies more easily.

The guiding frame comes in the form of sound and helps guide users, helping them understand where they should hold their phone if they want to take a picture with the front camera. If the user opens the camera and holds it in front of his face, the voice will advise him to raise the camera up or down so that he can get the best angle.

This is done via AI, and the phone will automatically trigger the shutter when the person holding the phone is in the frame correctly, then let the user know when they can rest their hand.

Guided Frame is part of Google’s goal to make its devices more comprehensive and more accessible to more users. This was shown during last year’s announcement of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with True Tone, another camera feature that better reflects darker skin tones, ensuring a more realistic picture.

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