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this week 90 Days Fiancé: Happy Forever? Season 7, fans finally met Angela Deem, and also discovered many secrets about the co-stars and their relationships. Angela accuses Michael Elisanmi of defrauding her. While she is in love with a new man named Billy, Angela claims that Michael was asking her for money, and disobeying her by launching his Instagram account. quarrel 90 days fiancé Spouses Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh have made peace after a violent argument in the last episode. Even though his mother has disowned him, Jenny still wants Sumit to decide between his parents and his happiness with her.

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Kim Menzies has finally met Usman Umar AKA Sojaboy in Nigeria, where she plans to apply. This time, Osman got gifts for Kim, and the couple discussed many of the names of “yummy“Before he goes to visit his mother and asks for her blessings. The dynamic of Jovi Dufferin and Yara Zaya has changed with his mother, Gwen Emard. Yara would like to make friends with her Mrs. Gwen Again, while she is waiting for her green card, so she can go visit her mother in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Bilal Haziz and Sherida Swain are still feuding with his ex-wife Shahida, arguing about their future children.

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There have been major developments in Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods’ relationship, both on screen and on social media. Liz, who wanted to learn photography from Big Ed, walked out of a photo session when she saw her husband who was going to flirt with her friend. However, it might go well between Big Ed and Liz in real life, based on their Instagram posts.

90DF’s Big Ed spoils the relationship status with Liz

Big Ed and Liz find it very difficult to convince their family, friends and fans that they have a true love story. However, Big Ed, who broke up with Liz eight times before they got engaged on a whim, appears to have revealed their current relationship status in an Instagram update. Big Ed reposted a video of Liz pranking him by making him wear a pair of dissolvable swimming trunks. Fans enjoyed the joke, and let Big Ed know in the comments. However, only a few eagle-eyed followers have noticed these hashtags 90 days fiancé celebrity Use Big Ed in the caption, like “#wife_husband” And the “#Pairs ,“Suggesting that he and Liz may actually be husband and wife.

90DF’s Libby Accused Of Lip Syncing To LeaAnn Rimes’ Song

When Libby expressed her desire to start her career as a professional singer, fans were definitely surprised. In the past few years Libby has been working 90 days fiancéNo one actually heard her sing on TV. However, Libby has now admitted that she wants to become a career by singing children’s songs. She proved her point by posting a video of her singing LeAnn Rimes’ song, “Blue”. Some fans praised Libby’s voice, but many refused to believe it was her singing, not Leanne. Libyan 90 days fiancé Critics also believe that she wasworthy of respect,“You should work on it.”sing face.They think she shouldn’t quit her day job.

90DF’s Jenny called out for being aggressive towards Sumit

While Jenny and Sumit are among the most authentic couples 90 days fiancéNot all fans think they’re meant to be. Fans who have seen Jennie get angry at Summit on several occasions, by many 90 days fiancé Occasional seasons, she feels has become a problem. Jennie has been criticized by fans for being physically aggressive with Sumit, such as when she attacked him, while pointing her finger at his face. Furthermore, Jenny was considered insensitive and selfish when she started a fight with Sumit, just minutes after his mother Sadna Singh disowned him. However, Jenny and Sumit’s real-time Instagram updates indicate that they are still together and going strong. Perhaps this was an example of “fraud” at TLC 90 Days Fiancé: Happy Forever? fans.

Sources: Big Ed Brown / Instagram, Libby Potthast / Instagram

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