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If you can’t watch these years Webflow 2022 Keynote Conference The live stream you’ll be glad to know is now available to watch at your leisure on YouTube and provides a great insight into all the new features. You can expect it to be used in the near future on the Webflow platform.

In the Webflow Conf 2022 Keynote, the team is showing off tons of new and improved features web streaming Features that developers bring superpowers to everyone. The main discourse covers four categories of superpowers: (1) development superpowers, (2) cooperation superpowers, (3) community superpowers, and (4) superpowers. Check out the entire keynote below, during which Vlad Magdalene, McGuire-Brannon, Giona Zhang, Sarah Lundberg, Grimore Grimson, Emily Lonetto, and Bryant Zhu take you through all the new features and updates that are being rolled out to Webflow.

Webflow 2022 Keynote Conference

For those of you, who aren’t familiar with Webflow’s all-in-one website building and hosting service, used to create CMS websites, e-commerce solutions, and more.

Webflow vs WordPress comparison

The online visual editor platform allows you to easily design, build and run websites right from your browser. Check out our comparison video below, which compares WordPress vs Webflow.

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