Volkswagen ID Buzz driver assistance systems

Volkswagen ID Buzz will come with a host of innovative driver assistance systems, this will include lane change assist that uses swarm data, this is called Travel Assist. We have already seen a range of functions that the car will come with.

There is also Park Assist Plus which will learn from your parking maneuvers and can then repeat them on its own.

Volkswagen ID Buzz

The car can make assisted lane changes on the motorway if the turn signal lever is pressed briefly. It can use swarm data or also learn frequent parking maneuvers: Volkswagen ID. buzz
It is introduced with new intelligent assistance systems that can make driving more comfortable as well as increase safety. This is in line with Volkswagen’s commitment to making the latest technology available to a broad customer base at an early date.

Iconic Buzz design meets innovative technology, and this is reflected in the new comfort and assistance systems. Kai Grunitz, Volkswagen Brand Board Member responsible for development explains: “We are taking the next step forward on our path towards highly automated driving using Swarm data in the The latest travel assistance.” “This is in line with Volkswagen’s commitment to deliver premium technologies and innovations on as many models as possible.”

You can find out more details about the range of innovative driver assistance systems for Volkswagen ID Buzz at the link below.

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