Vodafone Idea must quickly expand availability of VoWi-Fi calling

Vodafone Idea (Vi) currently offers VoWi-Fi calling service in 12 states in the country. It is an important service, especially to enhance the coverage experience for users. It is used by many people inside their homes who do not have proper indoor mobile network coverage. But with Vodafone Idea, it is only available in 12 states including Maharashtra, Goa, Up West, Kolkata, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Up East, Delhi, rest of Bengal, Mumbai and Haryana.

Vi does not have the type of network coverage that Airtel and Jio provide, according to Opensignal. Thus, it is difficult to understand why a carrier has not invested in rapidly expanding service availability. Every new smartphone launched today comes with Wi-Fi calling support. People who work from home have also set up strong Wi-Fi because they cannot rely on Indian 4G networks for a seamless internet experience.

Why isn’t Vi expanding the availability of VoWi-Fi calling

So, it’s a question that I don’t have an answer to. This is probably because it has limited money at its disposal so that it can either expand 4G, deploy fiber, or do other things before it can invest in Wi-Fi expansion.

One thing that is clear here is that Vi does not prioritize southern Indian states for Wi-Fi calling. Customers in that region can only rely on the mobile phone network to make voice calls. Vodafone Idea has received a lot of help from the Indian government. Telecom companies’ fear of going out of business must be gone by now. There are still areas that Vodafone Idea needs to work on.

Adding new customers should be the priority on your list of goals. Without new 4G customers, growth in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) will be somewhat limited and this will negatively impact the company’s overall revenue in the long run.

With the disappearance of nearly half of 2022, Wi-Fi calling is a service every Indian should be able to get from their telecom operator. Vi is far behind its competitors in this area and should be a concern for the company.

Expanding the Wi-Fi calling service quickly, Vodafone Idea will be able to address some of the issues faced by its users across the country. Customers should not have to tell the carrier what they want at every turn and then wait years for their desires to come true. Vi has a lot to discover in terms of keeping its customers satisfied with its mobile services.

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