Virtual Reality MetaQuest Pro Glasses

In an effort to revolutionize virtual reality, Mark Zuckerberg and Meta this week presented their latest hardware innovation in the form of a new Meta Quest Pro VR headset. The Pro version is specifically designed to be available alongside enterprise Meta Quest 2, and is more suitable for enterprise and enterprise applications.

the new Virtual Reality MetaQuest Pro Glasses It will be available for purchase later this month and has a price tag of $1,500 and will officially ship to customers on October 25, 2022. The Quest Pro Now available for pre-order directly from Although we still have to see if Facebook or rather Meta will be able to get everyone to wear headphones for work and fun and could offer something different from what is already available from the likes of Valve, Microsoft and others.

Virtual Reality MetaQuest Pro Glasses

“Meta Quest Pro is the first in a new line of advanced headphones designed to expand the possibilities of virtual and mixed reality. Its flat lenses fold light multiple times, reducing the size of the headset while showing clearer images. A new curved battery on the back helps make the Meta Quest Pro is a more balanced and comfortable headset overall.”

“We believe that virtual reality devices will help usher in the next computing platform – becoming as ubiquitous as today’s laptops and tablets – and will be used by people in their daily lives to access the metaverse. With its cutting-edge technologies, the Meta Quest Pro represents an important step toward that future.” We designed it to expand the possibilities of both virtual and mixed reality. And to do that, you need really innovative hardware.”

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