Virgin River revealed the secret of the father of the Charmaine twins

warning! This post contains spoilers for Virgin River season 4.After the explosive detection in the last episode of Virgin River In the fourth season, theories were circulated about who could be the real father of the Charmaine twins. One notable theory takes evidence from a pivotal moment in Virgin River Season 2 is when Jack first comes to terms with the idea that he and Charmaine will be parents. When he tells an old friend the news, the friend’s reaction can indicate true paternity after learning that Jack is not the real father in Virgin River Season 4 ended.

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While Virgin River Focusing primarily on Mel and Jack’s relationship, Charmaine’s pregnancy was another focal point and issue for the couple. Her pregnancy was revealed at the end Virgin River Season one, Jack is introduced as the father. This makes Mel sever her budding relationship with Jack. But, of course, they ended up rekindling their romance, much to Charmaine’s dismay. Jack and Charmaine differ on many things, such as where the children are raised and Jack’s expected input. However, they eventually decide to team up with Mel and Charmaine’s new husband, Todd. But in shock Virgin River season 4 endedhorrified Charmaine reveals that she wants to leave her, and lied about Jack being the father of the twins.

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With the revelation that Jack is not the father, the question now becomes who exactly is the father of the Charmaine twins. While many theories have been circulated, the answer may have already been hinted at in an earlier season. in Virgin River Season 2, episode “Can’t Let Go” is where Mike, an LAPD officer and Jack’s military friend, is introduced for the first time. Jack reveals to Mike that Charmaine is pregnant, and his reaction is quite obvious. This may indicate that Mike is the real father of the Charmaine twins among those present Virgin River cast.

Mike’s reaction to Charmaine’s pregnancy was too much

At first, Mike is surprised when Jack says Charmaine is pregnant. He immediately raised his eyebrows and raised his arms in shock. Then he laughs a little before saying, “I didn’t know you still saw her. At that line, he seems almost sad. The reaction is so great and unexpected that it feels like a noteworthy moment.

While this theory may at first seem like straw-assisting, Alexandra Breckinridge, who plays Mel Virgin Rivernot revealed (Across joy) that the father of twins Charmaine is someone who is already in Virgin River Universe. Given the few eligible men in town and Charmaine’s known schedule, that leaves few options for real fatherhood. Since Mike is actively investigating the underground drug ring taking place in Emerald Lumber, he is in the Virgin River area a bit. He could easily cross paths with Charmaine.

Mike’s past with Jack also explains the sadness Jack expressed when he first broke the news. After serving in the army together, the two remain close. Mike will not want to harm Jack, including infringing on his possible relationship with Charmaine. He believed that the couple had broken up, which is why he doubted their continuation together. Now that the truth about the twins’ paternity has been revealed, it’s clear that Charmaine initially lied to try to get Jack back from Mel. And since Jack lives in Virgin River, he’d also be a much safer dad than Mike, who lives in Los Angeles. With Todd now out of the picture, Virgin River season 5 Will definitely address who is the father of the Charmaine twins.

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