Vinyl turntable and ultrasonic cleaner

Vinyl enthusiasts looking for both a turntable and an ultrasonic cleaner to keep their records in top condition may be interested in the VinylSonic package. Offer a cleaner or vinyl record player at a discount. Early pledges are now available for the new project from around $139 or £117 (According to current exchange rates)It’s offering a massive discount of nearly 40% off the retail price, while Kickstarter crowdfunding is underway.

Vinyl turntable outputs

Vinyl records are known for their ability to accurately reproduce sound. Less well known, however, is their hidden skill as a dirt magnet. Vinyl records attract grease, dirt, dust, powder, skin cells, and who knows what else. There are two main reasons for this: handling the logs with bare hands and the naturally occurring static electricity on the surface of the logs. As such, every responsible vinyl lover will at some point need to confront the question: How do I clean up my records? “

Vinyl turntables and ultrasonic cleaner

Assuming the VinylSonic crowdfunding campaign has successfully raised the pledge target and the project is completed smoothly, it is expected to ship worldwide sometime around December 2022. To learn more about the vinyl turntable and a cleaner project, check out the promotional video less.

“To keep your records looking great and maintaining the condition of your pen, it is essential to keep them clean. Now, with VinylSonic, cleaning your records can be as easy and fun as listening to them. Simply add distilled water, enter your record and click a button – The rest is done automatically. VinylSonic automatically cleans and dries the log from top to bottom using a built-in ultrasonic cleaning system.”

Vinyl Record Turntable Features

“With Vinyl Sonic, no cleaning agent is required. Instead, it cleans with 40 kHz ultrasonic waves and pure distilled water. The system safely removes dirt and dust from the register while eliminating mold that builds up in the grooves. This technology also reduces build-up Static electricity to improve sound quality. Recreate all your favorite albums with VinylSonic and enjoy them like the first time with perfect detail and depth of sound.”

For a complete list of all available campaign pledges, extended goals, additional media and vinyl turntable engineering specifications and cleaner, go to VinylSonic’s official crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

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