Utilities for downloading m3u8, mp4, mkv videos… on the browser

Video Downloader Extension is a must-have browser plugin. As websites do not support, it does not allow users to download videos except for paid or private websites.

In this article, Digital Experience would like to introduce how to use FetchV – a free extension that helps you download videos on any website, you can block domain names that the website doesn’t want to download, and beat some video size limit.


– FetchV does not allow downloading from adult websites.

– FetchV does not allow downloading illegal / copyrighted content video.

– FetchV does not support downloading videos from YouTube.

(If you want to download YouTube videos, you can find them at Digital Experience).

FetchV supports Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. You open the browser to access FetchV home page Or follow the link below to install.

Once installed, remember to find and install FetchV extensions (with Chrome and Microsoft Edge) outside of the browser toolbar.

Fetch 1Now, if you open any video as long as it is not within the limits of the utility, you will see the number displayed on the FetchV icon. You can click to see the details of the videos.This tool is able to capture many video formats such as M3U8, M3U, MP4, 3GP, FLV, MOV, AVI, WMV, WEBM, F4V, ACC, and MKV.

Fetch 2FetchV displays the name, size and format of the video. Next to them are icons that allow:

– Download.

Copy the download link of this video.

– Play videos directly in the FetchV interface.

– Ban this video domain.

By default, FetchV automatically ignores videos less than 200KB in size, if you want to edit, then Click Setup in the tool’s pop-up interface. Then you enter the minimum at minimum.

Fetch 3Element Formatting filterYou can switch the video format you want to detect. And if you want to manage and unblock some video domains, do that now Domain protectionJournalism delete To remove, tap Add to add new.

Fetch 4Finally, remember to hit the button Memorizes upper right corner to save changes. He presses Re-Set To factory reset FetchV settings.

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