Users can search for companies and chat with them

The instant messaging service WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, has introduced another new feature for customers with business profiles. Users will be able to search for businesses on the net, talk to them, and even shop for things using this functionality. According to a blog post published by WhatsApp on its website, the new feature will make it easier for business profile users to communicate with companies using the messaging app instead of adding their phone numbers to their contact list or searching for contact information on company websites.

Description of the new feature

WhatsApp Business users will be able to search for companies using their name or explore them based on categories, such as banking or travel. Currently, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and other countries have the ability to search for companies. When searching for contact information of other companies, users in these countries can use the WhatsApp Business Platform.

In addition, instead of going to a website, customers will be able to shop instantly via WhatsApp. To enable users to shop for merchandise directly from the messaging app, the instant messaging service has partnered with a number of payment providers. The functionality of this feature can be compared to the recently launched JioMart Shopping experience in India. It is currently being expanded to more countries. The feature is secure and will protect users’ privacy, according to WhatsApp. In addition, users will be able to pay securely from the conversation using their credit or debit card information.

On both the Android and iOS interfaces, WhatsApp previously released the Polls functionality along with “Communities” for group chats. WhatsApp Polls will also be secured by end-to-end encryption, just like other features of the app. WhatsApp also increased the number of group members and included one-click video calls of up to 32 people.

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