Urbansta Copenhagen Wireless Headphones Unveiled

Urbanista has announced the launch of its new wireless headphones, the Urbanista Copenhagen, and they come in a range of colors.

The Urbanista Copenhagen can give you up to 32 hours of playback and comes with a charging case that features 3 additional charges.

The Urbanista Copenhagen offers the perfect balance of form and function, as the weightless earbuds sit in the ear for comfortable all-day use. With their barely stable fit, the earbuds are the perfect accessory for life on the move.

Tuomas Lonka, Urbanista’s Director of Brand and Marketing comments, “The Urbanista Copenhagen earbuds are a really beautiful product inspired by Scandinavian design. One of the most stylish earbuds we’ve launched, in chic seasonal colors, the Urbanista Copenhagen is as much a fashion accessory as it is a fashion accessory. Great audio product.”

Axel Grill, acoustics engineer from Urbanista, comments: “The Urbanista Copenhagen headphones are earbuds designed to complement your everyday travels, routine and style. This goes for audio too, using Urbanista’s signature sound, we’re glad to hear from Copenhagen. Although understated, it boasts powerful bass without being overly overwhelming and delivers crisp, clear mids and highs.”

You can find out more details about the new Urbanista Copenhagen headphones at the link below, priced at €69 / $69 / £69 / SEK 699. The headphones come in a choice of four colors: Midnight Black, Pure White, Sage Green, and Dusty Pink.

Source Urbanist

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