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Developers, electronics enthusiasts, and hobbyists may be interested in a new set of CM4-pin compatible FPGA development boards that offer modular versions of the popular open hardware project ULX3S. The hardware kit will soon be available for purchase from the Crowd Supply website and includes the Lattice ECP5 FPGA development board, IS42S16320D-6BLI, 64 MB SDRAM, W25Q128JVSIM NOR Flash SPIFlash, 3 V, 128 Mbit, 4 KB Uniform Sector, and KSZ9031RNXCA Ethernet connection.

Two models of the ULX4M-LS development board will be available equipped with 64MB of SDRAM on board, and the ULX4M-LD, with 1GB of DDR3 memory. Both development boards provide users with a versatile, scalable, programmable FPGA board that can be combined with a wide range of additional peripherals. But crucially, the ULX4M suite of development boards provides support for the high-speed SerDes interface.

ULX4M-LS Development Board

“As the FPGA community continues to grow, more and more modules are being created. One of our goals with ULX4M has been to make it easy to switch and test chips from different vendors and support vendor-neutral code where possible. The simplest solution is to have a modular board that can carry FPGAs from different companies. Manufacturer. Less expensive FPGAs have a limited number of SerDes lines and require that you specify in advance which peripherals will use those lines. The SoM approach allows you to design your own bus board and include the exact set of peripherals you need.”

“Embedded systems are everywhere, including in high-security environments, but we rarely know what happens inside of those systems. With its open source design, ULX4M provides a level of transparency that not only facilitates trust but also helps users maintain their independence by Allow them to manufacture their own paintings when required.”

For more information on ULX4M’s range of open hardware and CM4-pin compatible FPGA development boards and to register your interest and let you know when the project begins. Go to the official Crowd Supply project page by following the link below.

Source: Crowd Supply

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