UE Fits molded ear tips are a piece inspired by technology

Opinion: It’s taken a while but UE (or Ultimate Ears as it’s also known) has released the Fits true wireless in the UK and Europe, and it’s pretty cool technology.

Ultimate Ears is best known for its colorful wireless speakers, such as the award-winning Wonderboom 3, and Fits which initially launched in the US in 2020. I can’t imagine what the wait was – perhaps the US market was a test drive before Ultimate Ears decided to go ahead with Launches elsewhere.

If you’re not familiar with Fits, it’s a pair of headphones that can mold their ear tips to the shape of your inner ear to fit you. They use what Ultimate Ears refer to as their Lightform technology, made up of built-in LEDs that can heat and strengthen the gel-filled tips to fit the contour of the ear within 60 seconds until they fit ‘perfectly’ in your ears.

Put on your earphones and you will be prompted to download the app if you haven’t. You are then taken through a process in which the gel is heated, causing a slightly strange sensation in your ears as you hold them. There aren’t a lot of headphones these days that offer something I haven’t encountered before, but the UE Fit definitely belongs in that category.

But what if you put them in your ears at a slightly wrong angle? Having used it a few times over the course of a couple of days, this was my number one concern; They sounded crisper and brighter than I expected, but eventually I realized I didn’t fit the earbuds exactly where I should have. And there’s some solace with the 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t buy Ultimate Ears claims, which is reasonable enough.

And despite claiming to offer that “perfect fit”, there is some wiggle room in the earbuds’ position, but once inside they feel secure and don’t give the impression they might fall off.

While this isn’t a review (more an initial impression), I think there can be an actual test of ear tip fit before getting into the “shaping” process – the app is very keen to get you the magic of its technology with the option to check how the bass is before jumping in. I get why the UE would want to check the bass levels, it’s the most obvious aspect of sound quality affected by poor compatibility, but I think the app can relax you a little more gently.

Also, the “Check You Fit” section is a little frustrating, and it’s just a two-question survey about sealing and sound quality that you can answer with “OK” either way and the app will return with a “Great fit” answer. I don’t think “Ok” really translates to “awesome”.

While I won’t go into detail about aspects like comfort, sound quality, and ease of use prior to the review, I will say that things look promising for UE Fits. Price may be another area of ​​concern. £199.99 and €229.99 are at the premium end of the market where noise canceling options are plentiful, but UE Fits definitely ticks off a unique and interesting option at this price. Check back for our review to see if it’s worth the asking price.

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