Trusted Reviews Awards 2022: Best Mobile Networks

At the 2022 Trusted Reviews Awards, we revealed the best mobile networks that this website’s readers voted for.

Which network you choose for your mobile phone is a major decision as a consumer, with network coverage, connection speed, and 5G availability all major factors to consider. As part of our awards this year, we consulted over 4,500 readers of our website regarding the UK’s best mobile network, and here are the results of our survey.

Would you recommend your network to others?

The most important question in the survey is whether the reader would recommend their network to others. Seeing the highest scores across all areas in this category, Tesco Mobile nonetheless comes out on top with an excellent score with 94% of respondents who answered yes.

network Reader degree
Tesco Mobile 94%
ID Mobile 94%
Sky Mobile 93%
Which 90%
O2 89%
BT Mobile 88%
Vodafone 87%
Virgin Mobile 85%
three 84%

How would you rate your network customer service?

Customer service matters a lot to your overall experience with the network, and those that can solve problems quickly, are helpful, and politely make our lives a lot easier. 86% of our readers rated their experience of Tesco Mobile customer service as good or very good, making it the best network in this category.

network Reader degree
Tesco Mobile 86%
Sky Mobile 81%
Which 76%
ID Mobile 75%
BT Mobile 69%
O2 69%
three 66%
Vodafone 66%
Vrgin Mobile 60%

How do you rate roaming packages for your network?

Roaming can be of vital importance when you’re traveling abroad and you want to make sure you still get a great connection. The roaming packages offered by iD Mobile were rated as good or very good by 68% of our readers on the net, seeing it topping the leaderboard.

network Reader degree
ID Mobile 68%
Tesco Mobile 67%
O2 64%
BT Mobile 54%
Virgin Mobile 51%
Which 50%
three 50%
Sky Mobile 45%
Vodafone 44%

How would you rate your network in terms of reliability?

Excellent performance means nothing if it only comes in flashes, so we made sure to find out the most reliable network out of them all. 90% of our readers on Tesco Mobile rated it as good or very good, which means it won this category.

network Reader degree
Tesco Mobile 90%
BT Mobile 87%
Which 86%
Sky Mobile 85%
ID Mobile 84%
Vodafone 83%
O2 83%
Virgin Media 78%
three 78%

How would you rate your network’s value for money?

We all want to make good profits, no matter what product or service we pay for, and mobile connectivity is no different. Among our readers on iD Mobile, 92% rated it as good or very good when it comes to value for money, seeing it top the pack for this flagship category.

network Reader degree
ID Mobile 92%
Tesco Mobile 89%
Sky Mobile 81%
three 74%
BT Mobile 68%
O2 65%
Virgin Mobile 64%
Which 63%
Vodafone 61%

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