Trisha’s claim to Instagram fame doesn’t make any sense

warning! Spoilers Awaiting Love Is Blind Season 2!

Trisha Frame has told many men love is blind Season 2 She is incredibly popular, and has a lot of followers on social media, but her statements don’t really materialize. Netflix officially launched its reality TV catalog in 2020, and it has turned a lot of… love is blind The first season cast members are very popular on social media. Since then, Netflix has introduced many other successful reality shows, such as CircleAnd the Sunset saleAnd the Too hot to handleAnd the Bling EmpireFor example, but not limited.

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It just wasn’t love is blind The first season was a hit with audiences, but it also outperformed many long-running dating shows in terms of creating successful couples who could keep watching on TV. For example, Lauren Speed ​​and Cameron Hamilton became the poster couple for the hit Netflix series. In addition to, love is blind That prompted Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett to tie the knot, and a years-long relationship began between Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli.

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Trisha’s existence has been divisive for the centuries

Unfortunately, viewers—and her potential suitors alike—didn’t have the best time getting to know 30-year-old handsome Trisha. love is blind. In the capsules, Trisha’s pronouncements seemed to put many men off, as she often claimed to have, Huge Instagram following. As seen in the screenshot below, she had around 8,600 followers on Trisha Instagram in the days leading up to love is blind The Season 2 premiere, which doesn’t quite qualify as a “huge follow” branded. Trisha’s other capsule statements included her claiming that she has a lot of friends, that she used to have, “Five to 20 people are in my car at one time.” The edit featured guys like Joey Miller, Julius Cacho, and Kyle Abrams completely puzzled by what Trisha had said to them. As if Trisha’s claim to Instagram fame wasn’t already enough, she had some other cringe-worthy moments highlighted on the show.

Later in the first episode, Trisha tries to find out why someone like her doesn’t have a boyfriend. I noticed , “Scale of 1 to 10, I’m likable.” Trisha then talks about her crush on Nick Thompson, but feels there is another girl who likes him too, someone Trisha thought was called Holly or Molly. After learning the girl’s name was Danielle, Trisha insists that no, the girl’s name is Holly. When talking about Danielle (but still referring to her as Holly), Trisha said she wasn’t too worried, because she didn’t think Danielle was, “That much competition compared to me.” Plot twist: Nick proposed to Danielle in the first episode.

In her final conversation with Nick, Trisha brings up her desire to find someone who can work with her. she added, “I have a lot of Instagram followers who see how strong I am at the gym. I think, sometimes, girls get a little intimidated by the amount of exercise I’m in…and they might not be able to keep up.” Sadly, Trisha’s claim to social media fame has once again become dubious, when considering what her actual Instagram profile shows.

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