Top 4 OTT Movies in Korea to Watch on Binge Watch

Korean dramas, whether they are in the form of movies or TV shows, are a much loved form of entertainment. In addition to being well-written and surprising, it is also aesthetically pleasing and emotionally engaging. Although Korean dramas are very popular all over the world, the best Korean films of 2022 are worth watching.

1. Twentieth Century Girl

The friendship story of Bo-Ra, Woon-Ho, Yeon-Doo, and Hyun-lovely Jin is told in the classic romantic comedy 20th Century Girl. The film follows four young people as they go through their teenage years and learn what friendship and love really mean. Bo-Ra, 17, is a bright, energetic, and compassionate teenager who excels at many things, including taekwondo. Her best friend Yeon-Do falls in love with her classmate Hyun Jin. Yeon-Doo asks Bo-Ra to keep an eye on Hyun-Jin while she is away because she needs to travel to the United States for heart surgery. As the friend she can count on, Bo-Ra fulfills her obligations until she inadvertently begins to like her best friend.

2. Cyber ​​Hell: Debunking Online Horror

Cyber ​​Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror chronicles the investigation of the criminals behind the infamous Nth Room case while retelling one of North Korea’s most gruesome incidents. The crime includes online sex trafficking, extortion and posting of pornographic videos between 2018 and 2020 via the Telegram app. The young women were allegedly targeted by the perpetrators through techniques including phishing, false model recruitment, and other methods, and then forced to comply with the demands in order to prevent negative information from being released to their families and the general public. In the film, a team of cyberpolice officers team up to eradicate extortion and the cybersex trade that plagues Korea on the Internet.

3. Declaration of emergency

A celebrity-packed disaster thriller, Emergency Announcement tells the story of travelers who may be the target of a terrorist attack. Korean authorities learn that one of the suspects, Jin-suk, a disillusioned biologist, actually boarded a plane to the United States while researching a terrorist threat that surfaced online. Once the plane takes off, Seol releases a deadly virus that quickly kills a healthy passenger, wreaking havoc in the air and on the ground. Due to the ship’s steadily depleting fuel and the international community’s refusal to provide assistance, the captain and crew take extraordinary emergency measures to save everyone on board. Among the cast members are Parasite’s Song Kang-ho, Squid Game’s Lee Byung-hun, and Run On’s Im Si-wan.

4. Love and leashes

Love and Leashes is a Korean adaptation of 50 Shades of Gray that centers on two co-workers who agree to work together as partners in a consensual physical relationship. The movie directed by Park Hyun Jin titled “Love Leashes” is based on the Gyeoul webcomic “Moral Sense.” When Ji-woo inadvertently receives Ji-box, hoo’s which contains a human-sized dog collar, she begins to develop feelings for him. Rather than freak out, she develops an interest in BDSM, which leads to a three-month contractual bond that she and Ji-hoo enter into.

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