Top 15 Sonic The Hedgehog Games Ranked (According to Metacritic)

Sonic the Hedgehog is a polarizing gaming character. During the early 1990s when SEGA was struggling to establish itself as a formidable competitor to Nintendo, Sonic arrived and gave the company the mascot (and successful game) it needed to convince customers to buy their Genesis/Mega Drive console.

However, Sonic is despised by many. The lack of Sonic for the ill-fated Saturn console has been cited as one of the main reasons for its failure. On top of that, throughout the 2000s, the Sonic franchise has seen a string of horribly well-received games, leaving many wondering if SEGA’s golden child has finally faded away. Fortunately, in recent years, new Sonic games have been released to achieve critical and commercial success.

Updated October 18, 2022 by Jom Elauria: The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is one of the most popular game franchises in the world. While it’s no secret that the series has a handful of losers under it, the franchise still has a loyal enough fan base to see a movie centered around its iconic character. Players who want to learn more about the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise should check out the titles that have received positive scores from both critics and players.

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15/15 77

The My voice The franchise has shifted to other genres such as racing and puzzles, but the pinball entry of the well-received series My voice fans. In the game, players are tasked with earning as many points as possible while observing the classic pinball mechanics.

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The game also offers a story mode centered around Sonic’s mission to rescue Tails and Amy Rose from the hallucinatory grasp of Dr. Eggman. While there is still much to be desired in the game’s physics, Sonic Pinball Party It offers a huge amount of amazing Pinball content to players.

14/15 Sonic Generations – 77sonic generations

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Sega released Sonic Generations in 2011. The story of the game follows Sonic and Tails as they travel back in time and team up with their former selves in order to reclaim their world.

sonic generations It has been incredibly popular among gamers as it presented the series with HD graphics. In addition to this, the game was also praised for its sound design, visuals, and gameplay, with many saying that it is a perfect tribute game to celebrate the popular franchise.

13/15 Sonic Rush Adventure – 78Sonic Rush Adventure

Sonic and Tails star front and center on the 2007 Nintendo DS Sonic Rush Adventure. as before My voice Toys, Sonic Rush Adventure It also features a side-scrolling gameplay in which players will need to collect rings and defeat enemies, although the game offers variety by featuring mini boat games that use the DS’s touchscreen feature.

The game also introduces Blaze the Cat to the franchise, which many players consider one of the best female characters on the Nintendo DS. Sonic Rush Adventure It was well received due to the visuals and music, although critics thought the game didn’t have much of a reboot due to its lengthy campaign narrative.

12/15 Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing – 78Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing

Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing It might not be included in the list of the best racing video games ever, but the game still stands up well because it features some of the most beloved characters created by Sega. Some playable characters in the game from ChuChus Chuzhou missile! and amigo from Samba de Amigo.

The game offers a variety of tracks that pull in visual and audio elements from different Sega games such as Super Monkey Ball: Banana BlitzAnd the Billy Hatcher and the Giant EggBeside house of the dead. The game’s amazing track design and extensive character list have delighted many fans My voice franchise as well as Sega.

11/15 Sonic Colors – 78

sonic colors It is one of the best-accepted Sonic games in the modern era. It was initially a Nintendo exclusive, being released for both the Wii and the handheld DS in 2010. The game was unique in that, although it was a traditional 3D Sonic platformer, it was set in outer space.

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Unique feature sonic colors It was also that Sonic could obtain special power-ups by collecting Wisps. Different colored tufts allowed for different abilities, creating a new gaming experience for fans of the franchise. An upgraded and updated version of the game titled . has also been announced Sonic Colors: Ultimate It will be released in September 2021 for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

10/15 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 – 79

SEGA found success with sonic the hedgehogSo they were determined to pump out as many Sonic games as possible. This led to mixed reactions. On the one hand, the Sonic games were fun and everyone loved to explore new levels. On the other hand, critics and fans expected the game to evolve with each new release, but the Sonic games have remained pretty much the same. While some criticized 1994 Sonic 3 Being more of the same routine, it was highly praised by gamers and it became one of the best selling Genesis/Mega Drive games of all time.

My voice Fans even claim that the game is part of a plot and that Michael Jackson did the soundtrack for the game but it went uncredited; Some say this was due to Jackson’s dissatisfaction with the final product, while others state that it was a move by SEGA due to Jackson’s growing legal battle over sexual assault allegations.

9/15 Sonic Advance 3 – 79Sonic Advance 3

Released by Game Boy Advance in 2004, Sonic Advance 3 It features the lovable 2D platformer that was also present in the previous games in the series. There are a variety of exciting platforming elements in each level of the game, which include springs, rails and vertical rings.

Each level of the game also offers a boss battle with Doctor Eggman. As they advance in the game, players can acquire new characters along with Sonic and Tail, which include Amy Rose, Knuckles, and Cream. Upon release, the game was positively received due to its attractive gameplay and clear graphics

8/15 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 – 81

Sonic 4 It was designed to continue the Genesis / Mega Drive Sonic story and was intended to capture the place sonic and knuckles (1994) discontinued. It was a return to a fully 2D side-scrolling game to honor 16-bit Sonic’s heyday.

Players and critics loved the game, commenting on how great it is to play an old Sonic game that has been improved on into the modern era. In 2012, two years later episode 1 issued, Episode 2 It was unveiled, but to much more lackluster reviews.

7/15 Sonic the Hedgehog 81

In the late ’80s, SEGA artist Naoto Oshima began sketching a sketch of what he thought would be the company’s next big success. It was an anthropomorphic hedgehog named Mr. Hedgehog. When SEGA started a competition among its employees to create a spell that could rival Nintendo’s Mario, Naoto knew he already had the perfect entry.

The rest is history, and in 1991, sonic the hedgehog Unleash the world. Soon the Genesis/Mega Drive started flying off the shelves and Nintendo discovered that the gaming industry had changed forever and they no longer had the market for themselves.

6/15 Sonic Rush 82

The mid-2000s was a rough time for Sonic. In 2001, the Dreamcast ceased production, thus ending SEGA’s time as a console maker. Furthermore, Sonic was seeing a string of faded titles like hedgehog shadow and notorious sonic the hedgehog from ’06.

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Fortunately, Sonic games have been working well on mobile devices. While consoles have been seeing demand for fully 3D gaming, mobile games have been given a bit more leniency to stay in 2D, and the 2D platformer is where Sonic shines. release Sonic Rush On the DS it gave players the classic Sonic experience in an era when many were unsure of SEGA’s fate.

5/15 Sonic Advance – 87

Sonic Rush in my footsteps Sonic Advance. This GBA title was released in December 2001, during the final hours of the Dreamcast. Sonic Advancealong with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle For the GameCube, they were the first Sonic games released on non-SEGA consoles.

Luckily, Sonic Advance It was well received by gamers and helped introduce Sonic to the Nintendo fan base. This helped establish Sonic as an enduring character in games and proved he wouldn’t fade like SEGA consoles. This new relationship between SEGA and Nintendo also helped lead to later collaborations, such as Sonic joining Smash Bros. Lined up.

4/15 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – 87

Many consider the 92nd sequel to the original game to be one of the best on Genesis/Mega Drive. It was praised for its intricate and colorful levels, 3D bonus rounds, and the introduction of Tails.

Many critics said that he took everything that worked in the first game and added to it, creating an excellent gaming experience. Due to the now raging popularity of Sonic, SEGA has released an 8-bit version of sonic the hedgehog 2 For its older flagship system the console was still for sale (and common) in many countries around the world.

3/15 Sonic Adventure 2-89

SEGA has been criticized for not having a Sonic game on their Saturn console, and many say this is the reason for Saturn’s failure. The company knew it needed one thing to launch the new Dreamcast console: the blockbuster Sonic game. That was the game sonic adventure And it became the best-selling game on the Dreamcast. But it was a sequel, Sonic Adventure 2This was the real star.

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It has improved graphics, better controls, more characters and a huge world to explore. It was one of the last major console titles released in 2001 and proved that the forgotten Dreamcast console had a lot to offer, despite the low sales numbers.

2/15 91- Sonic Mania Plus

2017’s sonic mania It was a celebration of Sonic’s history. While other Sonic games have returned to the 2D platformer style, sonic mania I went one step further by intentionally reducing the size of the graphics to make it look more like a ’90s game.

sonic mania It features a co-op mode, tons of bonus rounds, and even new levels inspired by previous games. in 2019, sonic mania plus Released and added more characters, remixed levels, competition mode for four players, and more. While the original (has a Metascore of 86) was praised, the fun additions to sonic mania plus It proves to be the icing on a really delicious cake.

15/1 Sonic CD – 93

Sonic’s most highly praised game is one that many players may not have played. Between 1991 and 1993, SEGA introduced the SEGA CD, a new disc-based peripheral for the Genesis that would allow for larger games, better sound quality, and improved graphics.

Upon release, Sonic CD was hailed because of its excellent soundtrack, beautiful graphics, and the huge number of levels. Sadly, just over two million SEGA CDs have been sold, so not many people get the chance to play the game. Luckily, audio CD It has been featured in many Sonic collections over the years and is now released for Android and iOS.

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