Top 10 Mr. Krabs Memes

SpongeBob SquarePants It has over 270 episodes as of October 2022. Among them, one of the most recurring and funniest characters is Mr. Krabs.

The greedy owner of the Krusty Krab isn’t just one of SpongeBob’s most iconic characters – he’s also one of the funniest. Mr. Krabs has enough hilarious reaction photos and situations for the Internet to make a ton of memes, and they are some of the funniest in the franchise.

Vin Diesel’s voice acting career

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. It is one of the most exciting action movies scheduled for 2023. Among the most beloved characters is Tree Man Groot, with the voice of Vin Diesel.

Today display

Fans have laughed at it The Fast and the Furious An actor’s salary for a very modest role, which is basically repeating the same line over and over in different ways. Mr. Krabs perfectly represents the concept of cashing in an easy check, and the meme template is great too.

Mandatory area 51 meme

Area 51 memes went off in late 2010 due to a joke about raiding the site. The jokes took the form of finding out many different “government secrets”.

In this case, the meme centers around stealing the Krabby Patty’s secret formula the Plankton way. However, unlike Plankton, the poster seems to get away with it while a stock photo of Mr. Krabs angrily haunts them.

Logic fly

spongebob It seems to have a picture of every situation, even if it’s something as simple as a fly invading a car or house and refusing to leave.

The initial meme follows the famous “rev up those fryers” scene with Fred the Fish, a character who has appeared in many SpongeBob The best of the episodes is with his repeated yelling, “My leg!” Krabs and SpongeBob continue the meme with another fun photo template.

handshake meme

Patrick and Mr. Krabs are perhaps one of the less engaging duos of the main cast SpongeBob. However, the few moments they share are often comedy golden.

Handshake icons are a common pattern, but Mr. Krabs and Patrick meme adds a fun element to both parties involved shaking hands with regret. In this case, the smartest and laziest kids in class are a hilarious duo of the memes template.

Misty Mr. Krabs

The Mr. Krabs blur meme template is not only one of the most popular of its kind, it has also been among the most popular. spongebob Meme templates in general.

The panic look was designed on Mr. Krabs with a blurry ocean of one of the funniest meme templates in the series, and the app is fun. People are often a little different about different people, and the meme perfectly sums up the strange feeling of a collision of worlds.

My mom is healthy, Mr. Krabs

spongebob There have been some surprisingly scary moments of a child show, and among them is Mr. Crab’s disjointed laugh when he tossed SpongeBob’s shoes into a deep frying pan and ate it.

The episode of Extreme Boots was one of the funniest episodes of the series, and fans of the show have consistently used Krabs to fry boots with a sinister grin as a fun meme template. In this case, the surprisingly useful meme highlights how mothers often throw their children’s Christmas tree ornaments, no matter how old their child is now.

Abi Selim, Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krab’s faces are some of the funniest reaction photos in the series. The funniest are his reactions alongside SpongeBob and stupid Patrick.

Time-hungry dads on road trips are a tale as old as time, and this meme beautifully captures the stereotypical beginning of a family vacation. Mr. Krabs has a penchant for grumpy dad energy around SpongeBob and Patrick as well, which adds to the accuracy of the meme.

Boomer / Zoomer Meme

Generation Z and Baby Boomers have a stereotypical Internet rivalry. While it may not always be accurate, it is funny to note the rare times when generational behavior is similar online.

While it is recognized that Generation X is the generation usually associated with the notorious disciples memes, it is undoubtedly Gen Z who is most associated with Between us Memes. However, as the classic handshake meme of Mr. Krabs and Patrick shows, the two memes are not so different after all.

The classic receding credit card meme

A meme that initially began with a focus on medical expenses, the declining credit card meme has been used in many formats throughout its life.

There are thousands of interaction pictures between SpongeBob and friends to choose from when someone wants to experience SpongeBob Take on a new meme. However, Mr. Krabs is the perfect character with the perfect scene to act out the Netflix version of the meme.

Scary spider meme

Memes come in many levels of complexity, with some requiring quite a basic knowledge of where their material came from. However, some of the best memes just consist of universally understood text with a funny reaction picture.

Mr. Krabs has plenty of funny pictures to choose from, but his eye-poor shell with glasses makes for a great shocking reaction picture. It’s a very simple meme, but its simplicity is part of what makes it surprisingly funny.

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