Top 10 most amazing Nintendo games to play this Halloween

Seventeen years after it was launched on the GameCube in North America, Resident Evil 4 It will finally get a new version on March 24, 2023. The title has not only helped revitalize the series but has inspired a slew of other games to switch to their innovative gameplay dynamic as a third-person shooter. .

Other similar Nintendo games, such as terrifying Eternal Darkness: Requiem of the Mind, cool the player’s blood using elements such as booming music, ambient sounds, and plausible illusions. There really isn’t a better time to appreciate the creep and creativity found in Nintendo’s most nightmarish game than in October, but there are some games that will give player goosebumps throughout Halloween and beyond.

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10/10 Super Castlevania IV

The perfect side-scrolling platformer game for a nostalgic ’90s Halloween, Super Castlevania IVlets the player control Simon Belmont as he fights through eleven widely different levels in order to slay Dracula.

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The game has been much loved with its epic saga-like soundtrack, annoying organ and scary sound effects that are impressive for Super Nintendo. To defeat the fanned menace, the player makes his way through fearsome enemies such as skeletons, gargoyles, bats, and other famous night creatures. The title is much weirder and darker compared to the previous games in the franchise making it the perfect Halloween game.

9/10 Luigi’s Palace

Jim Cube Luigi’s Palace Not only is it responsible for the funniest Luigi memes, but it fits into the Halloween vibe very well with its Ghostbusters-like gameplay in which the player tries to save Mario from getting caught in the mirror.

The Hidden Mansion, which Poe constructed as a residence for other ghostly entities, is filled with haunting sounds, spooky rooms, and spooky corridors for Luigi to explore. Moreover, the many spirits that meet inside the house are as elegant as they are frightening, like the ghost of a young woman who loved music and video games when she was alive.

8/10 Majora mask


Mysterious and sometimes sticky masks make the game perfect for Halloween, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Majora maskIts ingenious design, thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma, exposes the player to abstract elements that give him another level of weirdness. On top of that, the overarching gaming theme of Existentialism and a surprisingly ominous soundtrack relates to each different area.

7/10 clock tower

Nothing says Halloween quite like a terrifying serial killer out to get the player. Another Super Nintendo title, clock towerhighlights the disfigured Scissorman killer as he cuts innocent people with his blades.

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Playing as an orphan girl in an apocalyptic mansion, the player must navigate the game’s story by solving increasingly challenging puzzles and avoiding the Scissorman by hiding behind objects, gathering clues together to prevent his destruction. clock tower It has a high detail of chilling music that builds up as the killer approaches, creating a tension similar to vampire.

6/10 Dementia: wing

It was released on DS in 2007 and then remastered in 2015. Dementia: wing It follows William Redmore who suffers from amnesia as he travels through the hospital he was admitted to, only to discover he is deserted in the process.

While trying to find the facility’s exit, the player must traverse corridors and spooky rooms crawling with deadly creatures from a first-person perspective. To beat the game, it is absolutely necessary to solve the puzzle and kill the monsters. To make it even more terrifying, Redmore sees visions of his murdered daughter running down the aisle and a man dressed in black.

5/10 ZombiU

ZombiU It is a really scary first-person survival horror game released as one of the launch games for Wii U, featuring the unique implementation of the GamePad controller that forces the player to take their eyes off the screen and manage resources while being attacked non-stop by zombies.

The permanent death system put the stakes higher, because respawning as a different survivor means losing every good item collected during the previous life. The plot revolving around the zombie apocalypse of 2012 makes it perfect to play after a night of flickering Halloween flicks.

4/10 killer frame: black water maiden

Originally launched on Wii U in 2015, killer frame: black water maiden, is a horror game like no other, filled with terrifying urban legends from Japan in the 80’s. The player is tasked with investigating paranormal events and extinguishing ghosts using Camera Obscura.

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As players navigate the areas of Mt. Hikami filled with malicious ghouls using three different heroes, they attempt to isolate the destructive force responsible for the pursuit, black water. Some of the creatures within the game may look familiar, as many of them are inspired by a set of Japanese horror movies.

3/10 Silent hill memories shattered

in Silent hill memories shattered, arguably the best game in the series, the player follows the story of Harry Mason as he struggles to find his missing daughter. As events unfold, Harry’s consciousness shifts between the “real world” and the Nightmare, a version of his hometown where monsters have attempted to slaughter him.

anyway broken memories It might not be quite as scary as the other parts of the series, its interactive elements and thought-provoking ideas create a chilling atmosphere. Within the game, the player is equipped with “psychological profiles” that affect multiple aspects of the game such as themes and stories, meaning that each time they play is slightly different.

2/10 Eternal Darkness: Requiem for the Mind

Among all the amazing horror games released on the GameCube, eternal darkness It is arguably the most twisted. Protagonist Alexandra Roivas must uncover the mystery behind her grandfather’s brutal murder as she solves puzzles to unleash the truth.

What makes the experience so special is its “crazy effects”, which give the player illusions of fake death and distorted vision. Even the screen will appear to have completely stopped at times, tricking the player into thinking that the system has stopped working.

1/10 Resident Evil 4

As one of the most popular survival and horror games, Resident Evil 4 It is an unforgettable, blood-soaked third-person shooter that has given rise to many other sinister titles with similar gameplay.

The heightened tension that builds up as Leon explores secluded locations mixed with a haunting soundtrack gives even the bravest spirits a chance to get their money’s worth, especially when the player is surrounded by enemies while the music is up, which makes running away very tempting. Seeing every terrifying monster spawned by the virus is excuse enough to make anyone sleep with one eye open, serving as the perfect accompaniment to a fun-filled evening this Halloween.

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