This Discounted Switch OLED Comes With Three Free Games

With the Switch 2 launch date approaching, we might finally start seeing some decent deals on the current Switch OLED display – like this one from Argos.

The popular catalogue retailer is offering a Switch OLED display with three free games for just £279.99. Remember to use GAMING10 CODE Upon completion of the payment process to obtain the full discount.

Switch OLED is available for a reduced price of £20 plus 3 free games

The Nintendo Switch OLED offers the best portable experience of the current generation, and Argos has a great deal. You'll get three free games, plus £20 off when you use the code GAMING10

  • Argos
  • Use code GAMING10
  • £279.99

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The OLED console normally costs £299.99 on its own, but here it comes with Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, Everybody 1-2-Switch! and Flipping Death. That makes the total value £339.99, so you’re saving £60 here.

If you're worried about buying a Switch OLED now that the Switch 2 is likely to launch in early 2025, allow us to dispel some concerns.

There's a world of amazing Nintendo Switch games to enjoy before this generation comes to an end. And there's more on the way, including installments from the Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong franchises.

Plus, we love the Switch OLED. It offers a larger 7-inch display with improved brightness and consistent color accuracy. It also includes a larger stand that makes tabletop gaming more fun. Our reviewer also increased the storage capacity so you can fit more of your favorite games on the console.

“The Nintendo Switch’s OLED display is a great upgrade for portable gaming, with the new screen looking much better than the one on the standard model,” he said. “But without a major upgrade to docking mode, it’s not a worthwhile purchase for those who just want a home console for their TV.”

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