They were launched 30 years ago, but even now, smartphones are still truly “smart”.

It was launched 30 years ago but even now, smartphones are still

For more than a decade, the leaders of South Korea’s largest chaebol have been able to boast about the advantage their company has over Silicon Valley’s most powerful smartphone maker.

Samsung is the world's largest smartphone maker, surpassing Apple. While Americans generally prefer iPhones, the rest of the world prefers Samsung's Android-powered devices at more competitive prices.

However, everything changed last year.

By the end of 2023, Apple will have overtaken Samsung for the first time in 12 years with a 20.1% share of the global smartphone market, according to IDC data.

Samsung is partly affected by the overall market picture. IDC said global smartphone sales will decline 3.2% in 2023, to $1.17 billion. This indicates that users are upgrading less and less, especially in the context of high inflation. The company has also faced a number of other external problems, such as Samsung Electronic Chairman Lee Jae-young being accused of bribery and financial violations.

To overcome the problems, Samsung is focusing on developing an important area, promising to make a turning point in the race with Apple: artificial intelligence.

Samsung 'Moving Forward and Fast Forward' in AI Era

The Korean giant expects all attention to turn to Paris on July 10 when it unveils the “next frontier” of its AI ambitions at its annual Galaxy Unpacked event.

This couldn't be a more important moment.

Last month, Apple announced Apple Intelligence, a vision of artificial intelligence that could bring entirely new experiences to the iPhone. Apple hopes to inspire users to upgrade their iPhones to access the full suite of AI features.

It was launched 30 years ago but even now, smartphones are still

Apple introduced Apple Intelligence at its WWDC event in June.

Features include improved Siri, enhanced email and messaging tools, support for image creation, and integration of OpenAI's ChatGPT into iPhone, iPad, and Mac operating systems.

With Apple, the company faces stiff competition in key markets like China. Apple is betting big on Apple Intelligence that AI will be so attractive to consumers that they’ll be willing to upgrade their phones (only next-generation models like the iPhone 15 Pro and upcoming iPhone 16 will come with AI features).

And once the competition heats up, Samsung also needs to get serious about AI. They launched Galaxy AI with the first products to use AI features when the Galaxy S24 series launched in January.

Galaxy AI includes a range of features such as Circle to Search, which allows users to find anything they see on the screen, as well as live translation tools for calls, and advanced photo editing capabilities.

It was launched 30 years ago but even now, smartphones are still

Galaxy AI will be available on Samsung devices starting January 2024.

While Apple requires users to upgrade their devices to access AI features, Samsung seems to be taking a different approach.

Galaxy AI supports older devices like the Galaxy S23 series and Galaxy Z Fold 5 as the company aims to make its AI features widely available and as quickly as possible. This gives Samsung users the opportunity to evaluate the value of AI features before deciding to upgrade their devices.

There are signs that Samsung is making a comeback.

Last week, Samsung Electronics estimated its profits would rise sharply to $7.54 billion in the second quarter, compared with just $485 million a year earlier.

Samsung also overtook Apple in the first three months of the year to become the world's No. 1 smartphone manufacturer, according to IDC.

Samsung is now hoping its AI vision will help it outpace Apple this year.

Samsung said its Unpacked event on July 10 will help them usher in a “new era of mobile AI” — a period they hope will once again make Samsung the king of the smartphone world in the age of AI.

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