The Trusted Reviews Awards return as a physical event in 2022

Trusted Reviews are pleased to announce that their annual awards have come back to life as a physical event for the first time in two years. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

What are the Trusted Reviews Awards 2022?

The Trusted Reviews Awards are an annual celebration of the best products and companies in the worlds of mobile devices, home technology, computing, gaming, cameras, television and audio.

Alongside the regular Editor’s Choice Awards, Trusted Reviews will also launch a new category of Mobile Network Awards this year, which will enhance the customer experiences collected from the site’s readers to select the best performing carriers.

When is the Trusted Reviews Awards?

The Trusted Reviews Awards will take place on September 29th. And before that we’ll unveil the full shortlists in each category on September 5th, so be sure to check back regularly.

Where are the Trusted Reviews Awards 2022?

After two years as a digital only event, Trusted Reviews is pleased to announce that the Trusted Reviews Awards will return as a physical event in 2022.

In a nod to the event’s legacy, we will be hosting the Trusted Reviews 2022 Awards at the Hollywood Bowl at the O2 Arena. Guests will have the chance to party and enjoy glazing with the team at Trusted Reviews while also enjoying on-site arcade lockers and complimentary entertainment machines.

The venue holds a special place in Trusted history as the site held two of the oldest award ceremonies in many years.

Readers will also be able to follow the event live as we will reveal the winners from each category in real time on our social media channels.

TrustedReviews Awards
The 2015 Hollywood Bowl’s Trusted Reviews

What are the categories for the Trusted Reviews Awards 2022?

The Trusted Reviews Awards fall into the categories Mobile, TV, Audio, Computing, Games, Home and Cameras. You can see details of the specific prizes in each category below.

cell phone

  • The best smartphone
  • The best advanced mobile phone
  • The best camera phone
  • The best affordable phone
  • Best midrange
  • The best gaming phone
  • The best affordable tablet
  • best tablet
  • The best smartwatch
  • The best fitness tracker
  • Best Mobile Service Provider (UK)
  • Best e-reader

TV and sound

  • Best TV Service
  • Best Smart TV Platform
  • Best TV
  • The best affordable TV
  • best projector
  • The best portable projector
  • Best Atmos Speakers
  • Best wireless speaker
  • Best external speaker
  • best headphones
  • Best noise canceling headphones
  • Best affordable noise canceling headphones
  • The best true wireless network
  • The best affordable true wireless
  • The best sports headphones
  • The best multi-room speaker
  • Best turntable
  • Best wired headphones
  • Best DAC
  • Best music streamer
  • The best portable music player
  • best system
  • Best video player
  • best radio
  • Best video streaming service
  • Best music streaming service

computing and gaming

  • Best gaming platform
  • Best laptop
  • Best gaming laptop
  • Best laptop for students
  • best screen
  • Best gaming monitor
  • Best Chromebook
  • The best ingredients
  • Best gaming mouse
  • Best gaming headset
  • Best gaming keyboard
  • best printer
  • best router
  • Best VPN
  • Best antivirus
  • The best password managers
  • The best gaming console
  • Best Switch game
  • The best PS game
  • Best Xbox Game
  • The best PC game
  • best game
  • Best online game
  • Best co-op game


  • Best digital assistant
  • Best washer/dryer
  • The best coffee machine
  • The best home security product
  • best vacuum
  • The best robot vacuum
  • best fan
  • The best kitchen tool
  • Best smarthome product
  • The best smart doorbell
  • The best upright vacuum
  • Best Portable Vacuum Cleaner
  • best oven
  • Best fridge freezer
  • best love
  • Best dishwasher


  • best camera
  • Best action camera
  • Best camera for vlogger
  • The best camera accessory

How are the winners selected?

To be considered as a shortlisted candidate, a product must have been fully reviewed by one of the experts in Trusted Reviews and received a rating of at least four stars. The winner is then decided by the in-house team of experts based on their experience reviewing it and their overall market knowledge. The only exception to this is the newly launched Mobile Network Awards.

Best Mobile Network Award

This year, Trusted Reviews is launching a new category of Mobile Network Awards. Unlike Editor’s Choice Awards, winners will be determined based on a user survey that will measure key factors including:

  • Do they recommend their network to others?
  • How would they rate their overall experience with the network?
  • How do they rate their network customer service?
  • How do they rate the overall coverage of their network?
  • How do they rate their 5G network coverage?
  • How do they rate roaming packages for their network?
  • How do they rate their network in terms of reliability?
  • How will they rate their network connection speed?
  • If they think their network is good value for money
  • How would they rate the rewards/benefits system of their network?

Based on the results, the winners will be announced on the night:

  • The best mobile network
  • The best value
  • The best for customer service
  • most reliable
  • Best for roaming
  • Best for 5G coverage

To be considered for an award, the network must also have fewer complaints registered with Ofcom than the annual average.

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