The Polar Ignite 3 smart fitness watch has been unveiled

Polar has revealed its latest smartwatch, the Polar Ignite 3, and the device is designed to be a fitness and wellness watch.

The new Polar smartwatch comes with an AMOLED display and is equipped with a wide range of fitness and wellness tracking features.

Built for active lifestyles, Polar Ignite 3 is packed with beloved fitness features, including new voice guidance during training and on-demand daily exercise suggestions. Plus,
Polar Ignite 3 is so versatile that users will want to wear it all day long to track their activity, heart rate and calorie consumption. At night, automatic sleep tools track the amount, quality and different stages of sleep to build a complete analysis of it
How the body recovers overnight from exercise, stress and other life demands.

“Everyone’s circadian rhythm – our internal clock – is different. Only when our lifestyle is harmonious, including activity, fitness, and a sleep-wake routine.
“With our circadian rhythm, we can then deliver better performance,” says Sander Wearing, CEO of Polar Electro. “Polar Ignite 3 is the result of our passion to provide unique guidance that helps people around the world live more inclusive lives,” he adds.

The new Polar Ignite smartwatch is now available to buy for $329.95 in the US and €329.90 in Europe, and it comes in a range of colors including Night Black, Purple Dusk, Greige Sand and Brown Copper. You can find out more details about the device at the link below.

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