The new Mercedes A starts at £31,880

Mercedes-Benz has announced that the new Mercedes A Class and B Class models are now available for purchase in the UK.

The new A-Class starts at £31,880 on the road and the B-Class starts at £35,100 on the road, and both models are now available to order.

The new A-Class features a variety of engines including petrol and diesel options. Those who choose a mild hybrid will find an additional 48-volt electrical system that supports agility at start-up, with 10 kW more power. Plug-in hybrids blend performance with practicality and can be specified as either the A 250 e Hatchback or saloon.

For the new B-Class, the choice of engine is either B200 d or B200; With all the same powertrain technologies across both models.

Class A and B are now available with a 7- or 8-speed DCT gearbox depending on the engine choice. The innovative belt-driven starting generator, or RSG, also improves driving comfort and smoothness. The RSG ensures a quieter start than conventional starters and allows “cruising” with the combustion engine turned off during stationary driving. The RSG also recovers its energy and supplies it with 12V and 48V batteries.

You can find out more details about the new Mercedes A Class and B Class models at Mercedes Benz at the link below.

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